A Brand New Aperture on Life

I bought my first SLR camera this weekend and then I kept making my kids go on hikes with me so that I could go out there and find things to take pictures of and so I wouldn’t feel so silly and alone while lying belly down on the trail to get close to things like this little sweetie.

I know I have a lot to learn because I’m sure it’s supposed to be, you know, in focus, but when I put it on my computer, and I could see the little tiny baby hairs on its stem, it made very glad in a way down deep way.

I love taking pictures of my kids and the other things in the woods. I love it so much I get butterflies when I think about it. It’s been a long time since I discovered something new that I love this much.

So that first day, I snapped photos of the trail that winds behind my house.

When I have this camera in my hand, it’s like I am on a hunt for things beautiful.

Then I was reading this John Shaw’s Nature Photography Field Guide before bed and the author said something that gets to the meat of why I think it’s so brazenly fun.

“In the process of photography,” Shaw writes, “we order the chaos of the world around us by making decisions. We decide to emphasize one aspect of the world – what we have discovered – and ignore all others.”

That means that you get to make the decisions on what to focus on. You are deciding what is beautiful and what you are going to share with the world this day.

It’s like the art of photography and the art of writing and the art of living have this one tremendous thing in common. You get to decide what is exquisite and what is good, and you focus in on it as much as you can stand to.


  1. i love that you get so PASIONATE about stuff. i hope you are enjoying your summer and i am glad you are writing so much. i’ll call you soon for the big co party.

    you always inspire me!!! Hi to the family and kisses to Ozzie.
    love, B

  2. Good Article! I like this post. thank for your sharing … very helpfull for me :)

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