Memorial Mother’s Day – Honoring Your Mom Who Has Passed

If your mother has passed away, Mother’s Day can be a special time to honor her memory.

Here are a few ideas:

* Create a special spot in your yard or garden for your mother’s favorite flowers and plants. Your children can make garden stones to place in the flower garden. You might even want to place a small bench or chair in the garden so you can have someplace to sit when you miss your mom.

* Visit your mother’s grave or spend some time in the place that you go to remember your mom. Bring flowers and allow  yourself to spend time in reflection and  silent prayer.

* Call your father and your siblings. They’ll be missing mom today, too. Talk about your favorite memories of mom.

* What was your favorite thing to do with your mom? Today, enjoy a little bit of that with your family.

* Your mom has passed, but her legacy continues on in the family that she created. Spend time with the generations that wouldn’t have been possible without your mom – your kids as well as your nieces and nephews.

* Honor your mom by taking some time to honor other moms who may not have family coming to visit them on Mother’s Day. Call nursing homes in your area to see if you can arrange to come in and hold hands and listen to some senior women on this day – or  in the days and weeks following Mother’s Day.

Give a flower to each of the ladies at the nursing home. Anna M. Jarvis gave out white carnations at the first Mother’s Day celebration in 1908, so this would be a particularly symbolic choice.

* Send a donation to your mom’s favorite charity. Was there a particular cause or charity close to your mother’s heart? Make a donation in your mother’s memory.

* Send a donation to a single mom’s shelter in honor of your mom.

* Send a donation to a charity that helps children in need. A couple of ideas: or The International Rescue Committee at has a campaign called “from harm to home” that allows you to give money to refugee moms who have been separated from their children:

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