New article from Melissa Stanton: “Mothers in Love with Twilight’s Edward Cullen”

Mothers In Love with Twilight’s Edward Cullen
By Melissa Stanton

One benefit of having been consumed by kids for years and being out-of-touch with pop culture is that when I finally got clued in to the Twilight series of bestselling vampire novels by Stephanie Meyer—as I did in December—I didn’t have to wait for the next book, or for the movie release, etc. All things Twilight were available and ready for this latecomer’s delight.

But now I’m feeling like a drug addict.

Before I explain my struggles with addiction, if you are a Twilight virgin, here’s a quick introduction to all the fuss: The books are about the relationship between Edward Cullen, a 17-year-old vampire, and Bella Swan, the very human object of his affection and desperate desire. Edward, who stopped aging when he became a vampire in 1918, and his vampire family are “vegetarians.” (They crave human blood but only feed off the blood of animals.) He hasn’t had a girlfriend in his entire life and falls hard for Bella, an actual 17-year-old girl and classmate at the high school he attends. The four books—Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn—follow the travails of their forbidden, passionate, yet essentially chaste, love.

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