Kindle 2: The Wait is Over!


Kindle 2 is here!
The wait is finally over. Kindle 2.0 is currently in stock and is only $259 with FREE shipping.

Last year, Oprah called the Kindle one of her favorite gadgets, and now it’s new and improved with a longer battery life, a sleeker design, and more enhancements.
The new Kindle 2 is as thin as a magazine and lighter than a paperback, yet it holds more than 1500 books! (That means the new Kindle 2 has 7 times more storage than the original Kindle.)
Kindle side view
The Kindel 2 also has faster page turns and a longer battery life along with an advanced display for clearer text and images. You can read in sunlight with no glare, and Kindle 2 will even read to you. This Text-to-Speech feature works with books, blogs, magazines, and newspapers.

This new Kindle still has all the things that everyone loved about the original wireless reading device – the convenience of reading what you want when you want it. (You can get a book delivered wirelessly in less than one minute with no PC required, and you won’t have any wireless bills. No data plans or commitments.)

The Kindle store at amazon now has more than 230,000 titles available. Prices of each title varies, but most are quite low. Most New York Times Best Sellers and New Releases, for example, are just $9.99.

With all of these improvements over the previous version of Kindle, the price has stayed the same. If you’re an avid reader, you want one of these gadgets. Just $259 and it ships free. Click here to learn more >

You can also get a used (and new) versions of the original Kindle. Prices fluctuate. Click here for today’s best price on the original Kindle at amazon.

Valentine’s Goodies We Love

We think the best gifts for Valentine’s Day are also the simplest – little gestures of love, romance, and appreciation.

Here are a couple of gift ideas that have crossed our desk over the last few weeks that we think are lovely:

Signature Box of Chocolates
From the Artful Home:
New York Times’ Selection of 10 Best Chocolates
Too beautiful to eat, but your taste buds will thank you! This signature blue and brown box contains one layer of dark chocolates (70% cacao) filled with flavored, creamy ganache and delicately decorated. All MarieBelle chocolate is free of preservatives and made from single-origin cacao beans from Colombia, decorated with miniature works of art painted in cacao butter. Chocolate flavors may include: Dulce de Leche, Champagne, Earl Grey Tea, Cappuccino, Caipirinha, Espresso, Pistachio, Pineapple, Passion Fruit, White Kona Bean Coffee, Cinnamon, Spices, Hazelnut, Creamy Caramel, Saffron, Cardamom, Raspberry, Coconut, Lemon Milk, Lavender, Manjari. 25 pieces.

Bouquets from Martha Stewart for 1800-flowers.
Her floral designs are fresh, unique, simple, and (until February 28, 2009), 15% off with coupon code: MARTHA49.

There may be no better Valentines’ Gift than some time together. Here are a couple more money-saving offers to help you do that:

Save 10% on The Getaway Gift Card
Get 10% Off a Romantic Getaway!
The Getaway Gift Card by is 10% off and perfect for a discounted excursion for two.
Purchase a gift card of at least $100
Use promo code ROMANCE10 at checkout
Then choose the bed and breakfast of your choice on

Save $150 off your romantic package!
Click link above and use promotion code VDAY150
Book by February 28, 2009

And, finally, this one’s not simple at all, but we thought it would make a pretty amazing gift – and it IS red, so why not a Valentine’s Gift?:

HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition - 1.60GHz; 1GB Memory; 16GB Solid State Drive
HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition – 1.60GHz; 1GB Memory; 16GB Solid State Drive
This is one glamorous digital accessory. HP and Vivienne Tam present the world’s first designer digital clutch: the Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition. Genuine Windows XP.
And you can also get the coordinating Vivienne Tam Peony Scarf And Tote :
Vivienne Tam Peony Scarf And Tote

Make Yourself a Dispensable Parent: Advice on Raising Independent Kids

Make Yourself Dispensable

By Thomas Haller and Chick Moorman

Raising a responsible young adult, one who can function effectively in today’s world, does not happen by luck, coincidence, or magic. It occurs only where parents set out to make it happen by working diligently and purposefully throughout a child’s life to see that the child learns about independence, responsibility, and personal power. It happens where and when parents work intentionally to make themselves dispensable in a child’s life.

Are you interested in making yourself more dispensable so your child can become more responsible and independent? If so, use the suggestions below to will help you move closer to your goal of raising an independent, autonomous, fully functioning young adult.

1. Believe that making yourself dispensable is your main job as a parent. If you believe that your job is to be needed, that your central role is to do for your children, you will have a difficult time implementing the ideas that follow.

Helping doesn’t always help. Sometimes it creates learned helplessness. When you do for your children the things they can do for themselves, you are over-functioning. Over-functioning begins with the belief that my children need me to do for them. Change that belief to— my job is to help my children do for themselves.

Continue reading this article >