Seeing the Everyday

Every now and then something comes across my desk that is so perfectly aligned with my mission and the way that I seek to live my life that I simply can’t wait to tell you about it.

Seeing the Everyday is one such magazine. It is a quarterly ad-free publication that is nothing short of gorgeous.

The magazine’s website describes it this way: “Seeing the Everyday is dedicated to revealing the power and importance of the seemingly small moments of life.”

The entire package – from the writing to the photography to the design – is beautiful in its simplicity, just as is a home life that is well tended and a life that is well lived.

This magazine has a permanent home on my coffee table. It leaves you with a greater sense of reverence for family and those little moments that make up your life. It is a beautiful reminder of the way in which the smallest everyday moments and everyday choices with our children and with our spouse add up to being the most important things we will ever do.

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