iTrain: Downloadable workouts that motivate and inspire

iTrain logoHere’s another amazing tool to help you lose weight and get in shape.

It’s called iTrain, and it’s like having a virtual personal trainer.

iTrain allows you to download workouts in MP3 format and transfer your workouts to any portable MP3 player, such as an iPod or Musicmatch Jukebox, a computer or a CD.

These audio workouts are highly motivating. They combine high-energy music and the voice of celebrity fitness trainers. The result? A wonderfully motivating workout that you can take with you anywhere. And the workouts are available for all skill levels and fitness levels.

The celebrity trainers update their music and workouts each month. In fact, the iTrain library of workouts now features more than 300 different workouts for various disciplines – from Cardio (cycling, climbing, outdoor running, and treadmill) to Sculpting, Strength, and Stretching (including yoga and Pilates) as well as Teen hip-hop workouts.

You can purchase iTrain workous in 3 different ways:
1. ala carte (workouts start at 99 cents). With this package, you simply choose the programs you like, whenever you like. You pay per download, so it’s as easy as logging in, browsing, clicking, and workout out.
2. Monthly Motivator Special  – buy 3 months, get the 4th month FREE Get 4 months of iTRAIN workouts for only $44.99. Download 3 workouts of your choice each month.
3. Unlimited Resolution Package ($149.99 for 12 months) For only $149.99 per year, you can access the entire library of 300+ workouts for one year. (Enter code: ITRAIN10 to save 10%)

iTrain even has customized bundles (called Albums) that are offered at a special rate. There are albums for: 6-week body makeovers, triathlon, post-natal, wedding prep, and more.

iTrain offers occasional coupon codes, when they do, I’ll post them here:

Download, workout at! Save 10% with code ITRAIN10

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See site for details.

Ladies – transform your body in just 6 weeks with iTRAIN! Start now and get 10% off! Use coupon code EXCLUSIVE10
10% off the six week body makeover.
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Learn more about iTrain here.


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  2. i’ve been doing Cardio workouts for about 3 years and it really helps in making me fit and healthy.~’`

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