Convert VHS to DVD Easily and Quickly

Roxio Easy VHS to DVDThis is cool: Do you have a boxful of home VHS videos? How about a boxful of music cassettes that you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of? We do. Whether you want to digitally preserve weddings and baby’s first steps – or you simply have collections of old TV episodes, movies, and concerts -  you can now easily convert those VHS tapes to a DVD format.

Roxio has just released Roxio Easy VHS to DVD, which is a combination of software and hardware, enabling you to easily digitize your VHS tapes. All you do is attach the hardware to a high-speed USB 2.0 port, then capture from your analog video or audio source.

This package also includes a full-featured video editor so you can apply filters to correct video quality, remove or rearrange video segments, and even include titles and effects. The included express labeler allows you to create personalized disc and case artwork.

You can also convert the video to play back on a variety of mobile devices (including the iPod and iPhone) or you can prepare it for sharing via your favorite social networking sites.

Plus, you can take your old LPs and tapes and make them into CDs or transfer them to portable players. This product will automatically split the LP into individual tracks and includes features for labeling them with the artist, song, and album.

It’s available now directly from for $59.99 ( and will be available in retail stores starting in January.)

See how it works here,

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