Good Conversation Starters: Table Topics Conversation Cards

It’s such a great skill to be able to start a conversation with anyone. (And it’s especially helpful if you’re shy because – if you are asking questions, it takes some of the focus off of you.)

Uncommon Goods has these great “Table Topics” to help you break the ice in all different settings. Each acrylic cube has 135 conversation starters, each designed to spur compelling conversations.

Table Topics are available in Original, Family, Teen, Girls Night Out, Couples, Spirit, Right or Wrong, Gourmet, and Book Club editions. Click the links below and a new window will open with more information.

Here are some sample questions:

Original: “What is the best and worst thing about being a man or woman?”

Family: “How did your grandparents meet and fall in love?” and “”Which famous athlete would you love to meet?”

Teen: “What will be the best thing about leaving home and what will be the scariest?”

Couples: “Which of you is the worst backseat driver?” “How much do you need in the bank to feel secure?”

Book Club: “What alternative title would you choose for this book?”

Girls Night Out: “If you had to gain 10 pounds, what would you eat to gain weight?” and “What would the perfect man be?”

Spirit: “What tradition from another religion do you admire?”

These make great hostess gifts, too!

table topics book club
Price: $24.00

table topics spirit
Price: $24.00

table topics family
Price: $24.00

table topics teen
Price: $24.00

table topics original
Price: $24.00

table topics girls night out
Price: $24.00

table topics couples
Price: $24.00


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