How Any Woman Can Learn to Make Money on the Internet

Just as when you are starting any kind of business, building a business on the Internet takes a great deal of persistence, hard work, and know-how, and the “business opportunity” genre online is so clogged with scams and get-rich-quick schemes that it can be really hard for anyone to know where to start and whom to trust.

Here I want to share some resources that I would recommend to anyone getting started with an online business, depending on your experience level going in:

1. How Any Woman Can Learn to Make Money on the Internet by Kathy Wilson

If you have always wanted to run your own online business, but you don’t know your PPCs from your PDFs, this book can provide the basics for you.

Toward the beginning of the book, you’ll find a rundown of common Internet terminology so you can get an overview of what you’ll be learning about, and you’ll have a good glossary to refer to as you progress through the book.

The book covers how to choose the topic of your online business (with a number of sample ideas.) The book also covers the business details (such as licensing, accounting, taxes and taxes) as well as how to build your online business and how to promote it on a shoestring.

At 105 pages, How Any Woman Can Learn to Make Money on the Internet is a good basic guide that can get you started on the right path, and the price is just right for people just starting out.

Price: We’ve arranged so Momscape visitors get 25% off, bringing the price of the book to $24.95. Click here for details.

Format: PDF – available for instant download

2. The Super Affiliate Handbook: How I made $436,797 in one year selling other People’s Stuff, by Rosalind Gardner

If you have a basic understanding of your computer and the Internet, as well as the different revenue streams that are possible with an Internet business, you would be well served by going for something a bit more comprehensive. You might want to start with Wilson’s book, above, and consider adding this to your library as your experience grows. (Wilson also recommends Gardner’s book in her ebook.)

For anyone who is serious about increasing revenue online through affiliate marketing, Gardner’s guide is an absolute must-have. I bought the PDF years ago at full price (twice what it is today) and even that proved to be a bargain. I refer to it often and it has paid for itself many, many times over.

Gardner knows of what she speaks. She has been one of the Internet’s most successful affiliate marketers for years.

Price: $47 (at the time of this writing). Click here for details.

Format: PDF – available for instant download

3. Home Based Working Moms

Home-Based Working Moms (HBWM) is an online community and professional organization that provides support, networking, advertising options, information, as well as a monthly newsletter and other member benefits.

HBWM does not provide jobs, but is a reputable group for those of us who are working from home. It’s nice to network with others who share your goals and vision.
You may have heard about them through the eDirectory of Home Based Careers (which is similar to a national yellow pages of home based careers, and it’s free. You can download it here.

Learn more about Home Based Working Moms here.

I’ll keep adding resources here as I come across those that I think you can benefit from.


  1. The Super Affiliate Handbook is a really good guide I learn’t a few new tricks. For easy adsense income, I would recommend The Five Dollar Formula by Josh Spaulding it’s really good and free.


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