Great Baby Shower Gift: Newborn baby clothes arranged to look like flowers

The Baby Bunch - Small Bunch (Infant) (Pink) - Apparel
Here’s a GREAT Baby Shower gift: It looks like a bouquet of flowers, but it’s baby clothes! The bouquet pictured above (the small bouquet) fits up to a 16 lb. baby and is made of 100% super soft cotton and machine washable. This small bunch contains:one pink comfy t-shirt, one pink warm hat, two pairs of stretchy socks and one bib. It’s a great way to give new parents the essentials they need – but still give a gift that’s artfully presented. The Baby Bunch – comes in boy and girl varieties, and in small and medium bouquets or buckets – you can even choose an organic variety. Here’s the direct link to this product at Click here to search by color and price.


  1. my sister is going to have another baby this year and i am selecting cute baby clothes for her.,-*

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