Shy Kids: How to Help Kids Make Friends

Shy Kids: How to Help Kids Make Friends
Author and syndicated columnist Armin Brott (also known as Mr. Dad) answers a parent’s concern for his shy child. What can a parent to do to help a child reach out and feel more comfortable?

New Article: The Discipline Quiz

The Discipline Quiz
Some of the discipline techniques parents use today are filled with myths and misinterpretations. This nine-question true/false quiz will challenge you to examine your understanding of discipline and the beliefs upon which you base your discipline decisions.

Cool Cards: Hallmark cards you can personalize with photos and messages now has a Photo Cards service that allows you to personalize beautiful Hallmark paper cards with your own photos and message. They can address them and mail them to you – or everyone on your list. The prices are surprisingly affordable and the process is really easy. Commemorate birthdays, the holidays, special occasions, or “just because.” You’ll want to bookmark this page and use it throughout the year…Hallmark Photo Cards

Seven Simple Steps for a Super Halloween Party

Seven Simple Steps for a Super Halloween Party
This holiday is perfect for throwing a party. Here’s the lowdown on simple Halloween Party Invitations, Decorations, Food, Games and activities, Crafts, and Goodie Bags.

Great Gift Idea for Tween Girls: Collectopia Series Celebrates Friendship and Creativity

Here’s a fun find just for ‘tween girls (ages 8-12):

Random House has just launched the “Collectopia™” series, a fun new collection of books for creative and crafty girls. Each Collectopia™ title celebrates the magic of friendship, creativity, and dreams with a 128-page keepsake spiral bound book that has room inside for special photos, doodles, and memorabilia, plus questions to help girls record their ideas, fun facts, memories, favorite things, and more. Each title also comes with 3 sheets of stickers and 4 different pom pom characters called (c’lectomanics), plus sturdy little cubbies to collect all 12 of these critters. The tone is sassy (without being rude), and the activities are just right for girls 8 and up.

Two titles are currently available in this series.

Collectopia™ Wacktivity: a collection of games, interesting facts, puzzles, surveys and how-tos (including scavenger hunts, palm readings, and special pages for girls to creatively express their dreams.)
Collectopia™ A Friendship Scraptacular: helps kids document their favorite (and not so favorite) things. This collectopia box is filled with fun fill-ins and spots for photos and doodles.

Stay tuned for two more titles in the series: All-Year Yearbook and Quazy Quest (to be published in Summer 2008 and Spring 2009, respectively).

New article: No Child Left Inside

No Child Left Inside
How can parents make it more interesting for kids to get outside and get active? Author Mark Stevens has some great ideas you can start using today.

New article: Children and Grandparents

How to Help Kids Really Know Their Grandparents—Regardless of Where They Live
Three tips for building a strong bond between children and grandparents.

Spinach-Avocado Dip Recipe

I’ve just posted a new article on Momscape:

Kymythy’s Kitchen Nutrition: Sneaking in Spinach
Includes a yummy, family-friendly recipe for Spinach-Avocado Dip

Think Pink Collection allows you to give twice

From now through October 2007, when you shop the Think Pink collection at Red Envelope, you are giving twice. That’s because Red Envelope will donate 10% of the proceeds from the collection to breast cancer research. You can shop the entire collection here.

Here are a few of our favorite selections:

Live, Love, Laugh Necklace
Live, Laugh, Love Necklace

This charming charm necklace offers inspirational words to live by: three oval sterling-silver medallions etched with “”live, “”love”” and “”laugh.”

Think Pink Bamboo Terry Robe
Think Pink Bamboo Terry Robe

Bathrobes are the ultimate high-performance garments. This one is made of terry with a blend of cotton and bamboo-derived rayon.

Think Pink Orchid Candle
Think Pink Orchid Candle

As stunning as the coveted flowers it represents, this substantial candle and objet d’art lights up the room even before it’s lit.

More Red Envelope special offers are here >

Blueberries for the Family

Blueberries for the Family
Blueberry nutrition facts, recipes, and ideas to help you and your family eat more beautiful blueberries, all year round.