New article: Fimo Fun! Make Your Own Fimo Beads

Here’s a fun crafting activity to enjoy with your kids (ages 8 and up):

Fimo Fun: How to Make Fimo Beads
With an infinite range of design options available, the art of making your own fimo beads is getting lots of buzz in the crafting world. Suitable for both adults and children (ages 8 and up), working with fimo beads is one of those rare activities that can unite generations. And it can give you whole new way of having fun with your kids.

Fimo beads are beads that you make out of Fimo polymer clay. Fimo, which is actually the Eberhard Faber brand name for this type of polymer clay, can be molded into a variety of different creations. Then you simply bake the clay in your home oven to create a hard, durable material that you can drill, slice, sand, and paint to achieve even more creative effects.

Because Fimo is so easy to work with, the modeling compound has become a popular way to make your own beads for jewelry…” Read more >

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