New Article: Getting Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Getting Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth
“Dear Mr. Dad: Our five-year old refuses to brush his teeth – almost every night my wife and I end up screaming at him (and each other) and he ends up in tears…What can we do to make the process a little less miserable for all of us?” Read Armin Brott’s ideas.

Seven Steps to Confident Parenting

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Seven Steps to Confident Parenting
Advice from Jim Burns, author of Confident Parenting – including The A.W.E. (Affection, Warmth, and Encouragement) To-Do List for Confident Parents.

New Article: 10 Natural Beauty Recipes

10 Natural Beauty Recipes

From the Beach Sand Foot Rub to the Homemade Lotion and Soothing Apricot-Almond Body Scrub, these ten natural beauty recipes are as simple as they are luxurious.

New article: Fimo Fun! Make Your Own Fimo Beads

Here’s a fun crafting activity to enjoy with your kids (ages 8 and up):

Fimo Fun: How to Make Fimo Beads
With an infinite range of design options available, the art of making your own fimo beads is getting lots of buzz in the crafting world. Suitable for both adults and children (ages 8 and up), working with fimo beads is one of those rare activities that can unite generations. And it can give you whole new way of having fun with your kids.

Fimo beads are beads that you make out of Fimo polymer clay. Fimo, which is actually the Eberhard Faber brand name for this type of polymer clay, can be molded into a variety of different creations. Then you simply bake the clay in your home oven to create a hard, durable material that you can drill, slice, sand, and paint to achieve even more creative effects.

Because Fimo is so easy to work with, the modeling compound has become a popular way to make your own beads for jewelry…” Read more >

New Article: Baby Gifts: 14 Unique, Creative, and Meaningful Gifts for Special Little Ones

Baby Gifts: 14 Unique, Creative, and Meaningful Gifts for Special Little Ones
It’s important (and sometimes difficult) to find affordable baby gifts that are unique and meaningful. Here are a few ideas, including inexpensive baby gifts, personalized baby gifts, baby gifts baskets, and more.

New Article: Skin Care Foods

Skin Care Foods: What Foods Help Maintain Healthy Skin?
What to eat (and what to avoid) for more healthy, glowing skin.

New Article: Sedu Hairstyles

Sedu Hairstyles
Do you Sedu? Sedu Flat Irons are all the rage in Hollywood. See what all the buzz is about.

New Article: How to Get a US Passport

How to Get a US Passport: A Quick and Simple Guide
It’s a good idea to apply for a passport even if you don’t need it immediately, so that you’ll always have the option of going abroad at short notice. Here’s a quick guide to getting the process started.

New Article: Baby Shower Party Games

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Baby Shower Party Games: Ten Fun, Free Games Your Guests Will Love
Baby showers are events that the new mother will remember forever. Make it extra special – and break the ice – with these fun and easy baby shower party games. Each of these ideas are free (or very low in cost) for the hostess, and easy for the guests to participate in. Here are ten baby shower games for you to enjoy

SpaFinder Gift Baskets

SpaFinder Gift Baskets
SpaFinder Gift Baskets are perfect for any occasion and come in every shape and size. Whether it’s the Deluxe Anti-Stress Tote or the Chocolate Spa Indulgence or the Luxury Lavender Spa Gift Basket, these are a great way to help someone special experience the luxury of spa at home.

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