Cozy Coupe II

I’ve just published a new Moms Product Review of the Cozy Coupe.

Jeannie Kerns is a mother of 6 children from Colorado Springs, Colorado. She begins,

I think almost every parent has bought one of these big red cars for their child. At least for each one of my 6 children, I have. As a matter of fact, the first 2 of my children had it passed down to them, so the durability in this car is outstanding, and it will prove it in time.

The thing I like best about it is that it is safe. It is sturdy; there are no sharp edges around it, and the child sits nice and comfortably inside of it.

It has a place in the back behind the seat for other toys to tag along, a key to open the door and to play like their turning on the car as well.”

Read the rest of her rave here: http:://

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