New Article: Loving Your Toddler

Loving Your Toddler
Your baby is growing into her own person. Your challenge is to keep your sanity and keep her safe. Your best strategy is to cultivate a great relationship with her and enjoy her emerging independence. Here are 14 tips from parenting expert Laura Markham.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

We’ve just published our 2007 Father’s Day Gift Guide, with special offers and coupon codes for our favorite online retailers. Make sure to bookmark this page because we’ll update it with new coupons as we get them: Father’s Day Gift Ideas

New Article: Get a Weight Loss Buddy

Get a Weight Loss Buddy
Dieting with a girlfriend can be a powerful key to successful weight loss. Here’s how to partner up when you diet.

Six Sweet Shorelines to Visit on Your California Vacation

I’ve just added a new travel article at

California’s Best Beaches
When it comes to fun in the sun, southern California has it all. Here is a guide to six of California best beaches…

Harry & David Truffles

Harry & David TrufflesHere’s one of our very favorite things, and they are a great gift anytime (for yourself, in particular.)
Chocolates and Truffles from Harry & David

They are soooo exceptionally smooth. (Our favorites are the dark chocolate.) And they are so good that I’m sure they are ridiculously full of calories, but they are so rich, you don’t need more than one to satisfy that chocolate urge.

101 Places You Gotta See Before You’re 12

101 Place You Gotta See Before You’re 12

This book isn’t about trotting the globe in search of adventures, it’s about helping kids find treasures in their own backyards. Some of the adventures: going to your parent’s office, trying food from another culture at an ethnic restaurant, and checking out the backstage at a theater. You’ll find ideas for fun outings as well as creative activites to engage your children at home.

This is a great book to tickle your children’s imagination this summer.

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101 Things You Gotta Do Before You’re 12
Both are in paperback at great prices and qualify for super saver shipping (on orders of $25 or more) at amazon

New Article: Causes of Sibling Rivalries

Causes of Sibling Rivalries
Are you inadvertently fueling sibling rivalry? Authors and parenting experts Thomas Haller and Chick Moorman give us 10 surefire ways to create sibling rivalry. See if you’re doing any of these in your home.

New Product Review: Papasan Cradle Swing

We’ve just published a new product review of the Papasan Cradle Swing, by Fisher Price. Read more here:

New Article: Healthier First Birthday Cake Ideas

I’ve just published a new article by the founders of
Healthier First Birthday Cake Ideas
Here are some ideas for keeping the tradition of the messy first birthday treat, but with some healthy twists. The best part? You can use these ideas far beyond the first birthday.

New Article: Recipe for Picky Eaters

I’ve just published a new article by Missy Chase Lapine, aka “The Sneaky Chef’”

How to Outsmart Your Picky Eater
Tips for hiding nutrient-rich foods inside your kids’ favorites.