Review: Britax Convertible Car Seat

Product Name: Britax Convertible Car Seat
Submitted By: Carrie Lauth; Dallas, GA
Rating: 10
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Description The Britax Convertible Car Seat is a superior safety seat. It has several unique features that make it not only safer but more convenient to use.

Review: I put a lot of emphasis on safety when it comes to my kids and their car seats. Before I purchase a safety seat I do research online and in Consumer Reports magazine.

One seat that consistently outperforms other seats in crash tests are the Britax styles. Britax makes infant car seats, convertible seats for rear or forward facing (infants to toddlers up to 40 pounds) as well as booster seats for older kids that have a 100 pound weight limit.

The Britax models make it much easier to get a very secure, tight installation in most any vehicle. The 5 point harnesses the infant and convertible seats offer have been proven to be superior to the 3 point harness systems.

Britax seats offer features that are unlike other safety seats. One of these is the locking clips on the side of the seats. The shoulder straps of your car’s seat belt are threaded through these, and then they are locked. Other models require using a metal clip, these are very difficult to use. The lock off clips make it super easy to get that rock hard fit that you want in your seat. You can shake your Britax seat back and forth and it will not wiggle, but the entire car will rock. This ensures that the seat won’t wiggle out of place during an accident.

Britax car seats have deep side “wings” with foam that is engineered and tested for side impact protection. The restraint straps are designed to never twist… this is very important as twisted straps compromise safety. The straps are easy to loosen and tighten with a push button and front pull design. No more having to unbuckle the seat to adjust straps.

Another nice feature of the Britax convertible seat is the easy to adjust headrest. All you do is twist the large knob on the side to move the headrest up or down for your child’s comfort. No need to rethread the shoulder straps!

Britax offers all replacement parts on their website so if your car seat cover gets dirty you can replace it. You can even buy new harnesses (you know how filthy these can get with spilled milk and chocolate chips cookies mashed into them!), new pads that go under the cloth and new buckles.

Criticism: The only drawback with Britax models is the cost: they retail at nearly $200. But in my opinion, they are well worth spending the extra money for the peace of mind.


  1. Excellent! Thanks for doing this…it’s really nice to know that I’m not alone on a lot of these things.

  2. This post was one of the better ones on Britax convertible car seat. As you had stated that safety always comes first when your infant is concerned. Britax is one of the foremost infant car seat manufactures. They might be a little more expensive but this is your child your talking about. Great post

  3. I’d have to agree. The Britax is a bit on the high side – relative to cost. But when you think about it, we’re getting an excellent seat that is known industry wide for safety. It was well worth the cost that we paid for ours.

    I also loved the ease of installation. If I buy another seat, it will be one of these.

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