Review of Pretty Pretty Princess Board Game

Product Name: Pretty Pretty Princess Dress-Up Board Game by Hasbro
Submitted by: Faith Martin; Howard, PA
Rating: 10+
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Description: The object of this game is to be the first player to collect and wear all your matching colored jewelry and the crown.  Once you have collected all your pieces with the crown, you are the Pretty Pretty Princess.

Review: This game is so simple . . . children do not have to be able to read to play.  Although, if you have a child who likes to stick small objects in his/her mouth, you may want to wait until he/she is a bit older (small pieces).  You may notice I referred to boys as well . . . this is the ONLY
game I know of that you can get a grown man to wear costume jewelry.  This is what makes this game so much fun.  We have owned this game for a little over a year now.  I have watched my 6 year old daughter play this game with her dad, her 8 year old brother, and her 68 year old grandfather.  I never once heard any of the “boys” complain about having to adorn the beautiful
jewelry.  I have, however, heard groans when they didn’t become the Pretty Pretty Princess.  So, grab your daughters, sons, and a few good men for a good time, plenty of laughs, and photo ops.  And, my daughter is not the only one who requests to play this game.  Enough said.

Here is how the game is played . . . You place your colored marker anywhere on the board to start.  The youngest player gets to go first, of course. When it is your turn, you spin the spinner and move your marker that number of spaces on the board.  The spaces on the board are marked with pictures of the various pieces of jewelry.  Whatever you land on is the piece you
collect (in your color) and wear.  The plastic play jewelry includes rings, clip-on earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.  I think the hardest pieces to acquire are the earrings, because you are only allowed to take one at a time.  So, remember this when you land on a space that says you may choose any piece you want.

Sounds easy enough, right?  Well, watch out for that black ring!  For even if you have collected all your pieces and the crown, you cannot win the game until you have rid yourself of the dreaded black ring.  This can only be done if someone else lands on the black ring space or if you land on the space that tells you to put one piece back.

The playing pieces, jewelry, and crown are easily stored in a round jewelry box that is placed in the middle of the playing board (a 4-piece puzzle assembled).  The lid of the jewelry box has a mirror on the outside and a spinner on the inside.  So, once your royal highness is crowned the winner, he/she may flip the spinner over to gaze at his/her magnificence in the mirror.  We often continue play to see who will be the “lady-in-waiting”.

This game was well thought out by its creators.  It is easy to set up, progresses quickly, and promotes well-being through healthy laughter.

Oops . . . I almost forgot.  Don’t think you are safe once you have attained the crown.  Your fierce opponents have the right to seize the crown from your head during play unless you have already been proclaimed the winner.

Criticism: One minute problem – some players prefer not to wear the earrings (usually the children due to a comfort issue with the clip-ons).  However, the earrings can be placed in front of the player or clipped onto his/her necklace.

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