Burt’s Bees Lemon Poppy Seed Facial Cleanser

Product Name: Burt’s Bees Lemon Poppy Seed Facial Cleanser
Submitted by: Carrie Lauth; Atlanta, GA
Rating: 7
Where to Buy: Drugstore.com ( Current Drugstore.com Coupon Codes are here: http://www.susies-coupons.com/ds.htm )

Description: This product is a creamy cleanser great for removing makeup and cleansing dry or normal skin. It contains poppy seeds for a mild exfoliating effect. It’s made from 98% natural ingredients and smells heavenly, good enough to eat!

Criticism: While the product has a nice texture and left my face feeling smooth and well cleansed without drying, I probably won’t be purchasing it again. You can’t use it around the eye area which is inconvenient since if you wear eye makeup, you must use a separate cleanser. If you don’t use eye makeup however, then this might be a nice cleanser for you.

The facial cleanser is applied to the face and removed with a warm washcloth. Splashing with water doesn’t remove the cleanser well despite what the packaging says.

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