The Busy Woman Planner

Product Name: The Busy Woman Planner
Submitted by: Rebecca White; Sylvania, OH
Rating: 10
Where to buy:

Description: A planner for all your organization needs. The Busy Woman planner offers direct sales pages, holiday planning pages, weekly and monthly pages that are not dates so you can use them when you need them, purses to hold your planner and so much more.

Review: Is your life disorganized? Are you always searching for items and not knowing where all your notes, car information, children’s shot records and such are?

For years, every January, I go to our local Office Max and spend hours looking for a planner that can fit all my needs. I am a mom, a soccer manager, a business owner, a direct sales rep and NONE of the planners at the store had all the informational pages I need! The Busy Woman Planner changed all that! Why? The Busy Woman Planner is a planner you can customize to your specific needs. The Busy Woman Planner also has direct sales rep packages! How cool is that! For example there are contact page, business expense envelopes, mileage papers, and so much more! With tons of pages to select from you can be sure that The Busy Woman Planner can be customized to your life.

I now can keep all my soccer manager items, my AVON business contacts, my personal information for the kids and doctors in one convenient place. I even have the credit card holder and got rid of my wallet all I have to do is grab my planner and go!

There are budget pages for you to keep track of your monthly expenses, blank note pages for you to use anyway you need. So, if you are truly looking for an organizer that fits each and everyone of your life’s needs.

Susie is excellent; she called me to talk to me about what specific needs I had. She was very personable and I loved talking to her. I even got the planner CD that explains how to set up your planner. To listen to this CD makes you feel like Susie is in the room with you helping you set up the planner. I highly recommend you purchasing the CD when you purchase the Planner. Susie talks about what type of personality you are and the best way to set up your planner to go along with your personality type.

I am a type A, so that means I am highly organized and well too organized to where it seems I am not if that makes any sense. Susie showed me how to set up the planner to fit my personality and wow was she right, now all I have to do is go to each day or category to find exactly what I need. I ordered the planner and had it within 3 days! Talk about fast service :)

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