Pure Citrus Air Fresheners

Product Name: Pure Citrus Air Fresheners
Submitted by: Gina Klahn; Oconomowoc, WI
Rating: 9
Where to buy: http://www.drugstore.comDrugstore.com Coupons are here

Review: This air freshener is my absolute favorite! It is 100% natural with NO man-made chemicals, heavy perfumes or artificial ingredients. It is also non-aerosol. One little spray fills an average-sized bathroom with the fresh scent of orange (they also have citrus blend, lemon or grapefruit) and it feels so good to know that with every spray, chemicals are not going into our bodies. We actually use this in the kitchen, basement or anywhere that could use a fragrance refresher.

Criticism: The only criticism that I have of this product is that the price is higher than the cheapest air freshener that could be purchased. However, to know that it is natural, that it smells so good and one spray goes such a long way, it is worth it to me to spend the extra money.


  1. I love the Pure Citrus orange air freshener. You don’t need to spray a lot of it. Just short, little bursts here and there and it just makes the air smell so good. A little bit goes a long way. I have had my can for 2 months now and it isn’t even half gone. I use it in my office. So it may be a littel bit more expensive, but it lasts longer than the cheaper brands so actually, I’m saving money by not having to buy another can of the other products.

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