Noah’s Ark Stuff Animals

Product Name: Noah’s Ark Stuff Animals
Submitted by: Rebecca White; Sylvania, OH
Rating: 9
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Description: Stuffed animals that your child can stuff themselves with cute little outfits to go along with your child’s hobbies.

Review: When the postman came to our house my soon to be 4 year old son was so excited. He loves it when mommy gets prizes in the mail. Well little did he know that he would be getting a prize himself today. :)

We took the package into the kitchen and opened it up. When he saw the bear that came out of the box he started jumping for joy! He grabbed it out of my hand and opened up the bag that the stuffing was in. I had to make him wait a minute so I could find the little star that comes with the bear for him to make a wish on.

I told him to kiss the star and place it in the bear. He did and then started stuffing the bear so fast I had to stop him long enough to evenly distribute the stuffing lol.

It was so easy for Adam to stuff this bear. A cute shirt came with the bear and Adam proceeded to dress the bear and he immediately walked out of the room, I didn’t know why until he came walking back into the room with a little wool cap that he wanted his bear to wear. :)

And I am not making this up, he would not go to bed without his new bear friend last night. He hasn’t named it yet but once he tells me I will fill out the “birth certificate” that came with the bear.

If you are looking for something that your child will love and can feel it’s all their own, I recommend buying them a Noah’s ark stuffed friend. The look on Adam’s face as he was stuffing the bear and dressing him was priceless.

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