Product Name: NailEase
Submitted by: Laura Temple; Eagle River, AK
Rating: 10
Where to buy:

Description: In searching online for a non-surgical answer to painful ingrown toe nails, I came across NailEase.

Review: It seemed too good to be true, but the price was (eventually) worth the try. Truly, the product worked exactly as it said it would and better than I could have hoped or imagined. This product arrived in the mail and worked even before I could get in to see the podiatrist! It certainly was a much more pleasant solution than surgery!

Criticism: The product is a little on the expensive side. I would have expected the price to have been closer to $9.95. Pain & the need to avoid surgery pushed me over the price, and it took several days to make the decision. I would love to be able to purchase these in multiple kits at a discount, such as in packages of 2-5. Additionally, I’d like to be able to purchase the product thru my Paypal account as I like to use cash, not credit, to buy.

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