Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

Product Name: Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
Submitted by: Ticee Graham; Healy, AK
Rating: 9
Where to buy: ( Coupons are here.)

Review: This is one of the must-have innovations of the 21st century. The best product for housecleaning since the vacuum cleaner. When I first bought them I was a little skeptical since no one else I knew used them.

But after experiencing the amazing ease that the tough grime came off my stovetop with I was impressed. After the stove I thought, “What else could I use these on?” I went after the refrigerator door and my white walls. To be clear I used a new (white) one on these tasks so as not to get any of my stove grime on them. I was impressed with how it got in the invisible ridges everyone’s fridges have and how the walls were left very clean after I got done with them.

I had to give my sister-in-law and best friend one just to try because I was so impressed.

Magic Erasers have definitely helped my fridge door (always a problem area with the dirty hands of 2 kids getting in and out all day) and stovetop stay cleaner and I’ve been happy with the improvements in my house elsewhere too.

I would definitely recommend anyone who has never tried these or has them and hasn’t used them to give it a go and see what happens.

P.S. My front door has thanked me too!

Criticism: They do tend to leave a little chalky feeling on the things I clean with them. Nothing I have a problem with though.

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