Especially for Baby Bottle Warmer

Product Name: Especially for Baby Bottle Warmer
Submitted by: Erica Johns; Lancaster, KY
Rating: 10
Where to buy: (Babies R Us Coupon Codes are here.)

Description: The Especially for Baby Bottle Warmer includes a thermal cooler and ice pack for keeping bottles cold, measured water vials, and the warming unit.

Review: When I was an exhausted mother of a premature baby that needed to be fed frequently through the night, this product was a life saver for me! Instead of having to get up frequently to get bottles from the fridge and warm them up, I never had to leave the comfort of my bed thanks to this gadget!

You just put your bottles into the cooler with the contoured ice pack, and when your baby needs to eat you can just reach over to your bedside table to take one out. You simply pour the water from one measured vial into the heating unit and then add the bottle. Press one button and wait just a minute or two until the bottle is nice and warm. By the time you change baby’s diaper the bottle is ready.

Though this product didn’t get great reviews at Babies R Us, I truly found it helpful and if I was in the same situation I would definitely buy another one. It sure beats sleepless nights!


  1. i love to care for my baby and i think baby care is a full time job:’-

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