CAB Co. Handbags

Product Name: CAB Co. Uniquely Designed Handbags
Submitted by: Rebecca White; Sylvania, OH
Rating: 8
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Description: Uniquely designed purses for those who love purses.

Review: I love purses, if you ask my husband he will say I have too many of them.

But I have never owned a handmade bag before. I am so very impressed with the stitching and the well constructed design of the bag.

Inside the lined bag there is a huge compartment that I can fit my day planner in as well as 3 smaller compartments that I have put my phone, my make-up and the other small items that I carry with me where ever I go.

The bag is very sturdy and made with heavy material I was pleasantly surprised when I added all my items and it withheld all the weight. Reason I say this I just recently bought a purse from a Top store and with in a week the handles had broke. Like any woman if you have kids and a hubby your purse becomes everyone’s carry all. I know this bag will hold up to it all.

The handles are heavy.

The only thing I would suggest and this being as how I carry too much in my purse is a strap of material along the top of the bag to snap the purse shut instead of having it on either sides of the bag. Again I carry a lot of bulky items, if you don’t the design is perfect.

Before sending me a bag Natasha emailed me and asked me what my style was….was I romantic, was I hip, did I like animals etc she wanted to make me the perfect bag for my personality. I love the fabric and the design it fits me to a T.


  1. Hi! I wanted to let you know we have a new store now on Etsy. It is
    Thank you for doing this product review for me!
    Natasha Blanco

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