Book Review: Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

Product Name: Teach Your Child to Read In 100 Easy Lessons
Submitted by: Faith Martin; Howard, PA
Rating: 10
Where to buy: ( coupons are here; A direct link to this book is here.)

Description: This is an excellent resource for teaching your child to read. This can be used for a child as young as 3 years old. It can also be used for an older child who is falling behind other children in his/her reading skills. It teaches reading based on a phonetic approach.

Review: I used this book with both of my children, and they were both reading fluently on their own by age 5. They are both testing about 2 grade levels above their current grade each year as well. This book is special to me, because it gave me the opportunity to teach my own children to read. It was one of the first products I purchased on my homeschooling journey, and it was worth every penny. I began to use this book with my older child when my second child was born. It was a special time that helped to keep our bond strong with the birth of his baby sister. Buy this book – you will never regret it!

Criticism: I found some minor typographical errors throughout the book, but they did not affect the over all use of the book. This is an excellent product and well worth the investment in your child’s future.

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