Passing Thoughts Archive

Passing Thoughts is a syndicated weekly column written by T.W. Winslow - read by millions around the world each week. 

Relationships - Cooperation vs. Competition How to quit playing the blame game and focus on love, compassion, and teamwork. 

Words of Wisdom from the Refrigerator Door Do you know what your children value most? You may be surprised...

Giving Our Children What They Need A reminder that what our kids need most isn't found on any store shelf. 

Fear and Loathing on Valentine's Day "Men deserve sympathy, compassion, mercy and understanding, for when it comes to the fine art of romance, we men are sitting in our boxer shorts finger painting with our toes." 

Simple Pleasures Just for a moment, let the world revolve around a roll of Lifesavers. 

Beating the Post-Holiday Blues
Take the joy of the holidays with you the whole year through. 

Wishing it Were Friday Are you wishing your life away?

Give Your Life Direction Don't get lost along the way. Here, how to stay focused and live your life with direction and purpose. 

Dating Your Spouse Once again experience the magic and power of romance. 

Family Game Night A simple tradition that fosters communication, togetherness, and family fun. 

Tending the Fire Within T.W. Winslow on the importance of self-care. 

Staying the Course Insights on keeping a marriage and family together through the years. 

Finding Happiness Today Straightforward wisdom from T.W. Winslow.

Setting and Achieving Goals We know the importance of goals in our personal and professional lives. Here, how goal-setting can help your relationships. 

Focus on the Big Picture The best marriage advice we've heard in a long time...