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How to Lose Weight Online
Free apps and tools to make it easier.

Read about the new Weight Watchers PointsPlus program

Get the new BodybuggSP
The new smartphone compastible bodybugg makes calorie management easier than ever. 

Do You Eat When You're Stressed?
11 strategies to help you avoid emotional overeating.

Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain: 10 Quick Tips plus 4 Festive Low-Fat Recipes

Charge Up for Good Health 
Fitness and diet program for busy parents.

Oral Care and Health Daily
Whole health, diet, and oral health advice for the modern mom and her family

Live Right Live Well
The latest health and fitness information, plus healthy and delicious recipes.

Mindful Eating: Redefining "Enough"
"What if you redefine the portion size from how many mouthfuls you can have to how many mindfuls you need to feel full, if you shift your attention from a mouthful to a mindful, from a serving to a savoring?" An intriguing take on mindful eating from author Pavel Somov.

Three Agreements to Help You Stop Dieting
From our blog.

Vegetarian Weight Loss
Tips for tweaking a vegetarian diet for successful weight loss.

BMI Calculator
BMI Basics, including the BMI Formula and BMI Calculators as well as BMI information for children and teens.

Yoga for Weight Loss: Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight?
Yoga can improve your posture and digestion. It can keep you in good health and high spirits, but can it help you lose weight? Here's what you need to know.

The Link Between Being Stuck and Losing Weight
Dr. Roger Gould, author of Shrink Yourself, provides tips on stopping emotional hunger from spoiling your weight loss efforts.

"The Body You Deserve." Lose Weight With Anthony Robbins

Gratitude & Weight Loss
Linda Spangle shares how cultivating a sense of gratitude can help you in your weight loss efforts.

How Can I Diet When I Love to Eat?" 
The truth is, you don't have to stop loving food in order to manage your weight. You just need to change the way you view it. Here are three ideas that work, from Linda Spangle, author of 100 Days of Weight Loss. 

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Product Review: Craving Secrets ebook

Get a Weight Loss Buddy

Dieting with a girlfriend can be a powerful key to successful weight loss. Here's how to partner up when you diet. 

Walking for Weight Loss

How long, how fast, and how often you need to walk to create a healthy, calorie-burning walking workout.

Ways to Look Thinner: 30 Tips You Can Use Right Now
You can appear more slender no matter what size you are. Here are quick tips you can use today, including how to dress to look thinner, how to slenderize your face using makeup, and how to look thinner for a picture. 

Breaking the Sugar Addiction: 16 Tips
Added sugar is in everything these days. Learn why too much sugar is bad, how much is too much, and what you can do about it. Then share your own tips for breaking the sugar addiction in Momscape's MamaWisdom forums.

I Dare You! Get Rid of the Sugar and Watch the Benefits Come in
A challenge from Sugar Shock author and blogger Connie Bennett. 

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Learn more about this weight loss program.

Healthy Carbs: The Carb Conundrum
The key to eating healthy carbs is in knowing which kinds of carbohydrates help us - and which we'd be better off without. Here, Elizabeth Yarnell serves up the skinny on healthy carbs and gives us a delicious recipe for Southwestern Quinoa.
Top Celebrity Workouts
Celebrities work hard to stay in peak shape for the camera. Here, some top celebrities and what they do to look so good.

Diet Reviews
There's a diet out there for everyone - one that will suit your personal taste and motivational triggers. Momscape has compiled a series of reviews of 10 of the most popular diets on the market so you can get a sense if one of them is right for you. When available, we've also posted discount coupons for getting started. 

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Exercise Tips: 25 Ways to Stay Motivated 
How do you go from a sporadic, on-again, off-again exerciser to someone for whom exercise is a lifelong habit, as natural and necessary as going to work and eating regular meals? Here are 25 tips from someone who has been on both sides.

Running Tips: What You Need to Know When Starting a Running Routine Strong legs, strong lungs, strong will. Such is the portrait of a typical distance runner. The good news is that you can be a runner, too. Here is what you need to know to get started with your own running routine. 

Treadmill Running Tips Treadmills ensure that the runner in you never has to sit out for a season. Here are a few points to consider when you begin your treadmill running regime. 

Healthy Eating for Families: 20 Quick and Easy Dinnertime Tips
By the end of any given weekday, we have packed lunches, kissed foreheads, gone to work, driven carpool all over town, and now…now it is time to cook dinner. Here are twenty quick and easy tips that can also make for magical family memories.

How Many Calories to Lose Weight? 
How to ensure adequate nutrition without inviting deprivation. Here's how to calculate your daily caloric needs for weight loss.  

Weight Loss Formula
Are you watching your weight? Here are 12 quick tips for weight loss. 

20 Ways to Lose Weight
from Image Consultant Sheila Dicks

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Weight Watchers Review
Does this online weight loss tool really work?
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Healthy Eating on a Budget Do you purchase foods that are high in fat or sugar because you think that healthier foods are too expensive? Learn how to eat healthy on your current food budget.

Six Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem: An "Inner" Beauty Workout for Women
"Trillions of pages have been written dissecting and detailing what fashions women should wear. We're even known for writing a few of these fashion pages ourselves. But this time we'd like to focus on a woman's sense of herself and how she can face the world with a presence and enthusiasm all her own..." 

Why Is America So Fat?
An excerpt from: The South Beach Diet Supercharged: Faster Weight Loss and Better Health for Life

Too Tired to Lose Weight?
How a steady diet of self-care can lead to weight loss. 

Break Tradition: Be a Holiday Loser "Tradition has it that the average woman will gain about seven pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. With a little advanced planning, a dash of determination and a sprinkle of self-discipline you can break tradition and lose weight this holiday season. 
Enjoy Thanksgiving Without Gaining Weight Practical tips for all of us. 

"The Good News Guide for Healthy Women" The American Dietetic Association's advice on staying slim, healthy, and energized. A must-read for every woman. 

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Winter Workouts Don't let the cold weather stop you from achieving your fitness goals. Tips on staying motivated - and warm - during your workouts. 

Workouts on the Go Excuse-proof your workout - even when you're traveling. Practical tips to keep your mind and body aligned amid the holiday chaos. 

Don't Like to Exercise? 
Here's help, from behavior modification expert Mike Brescia. 
Body Image
Learning to Love Your Body Learn how to build a better body image...

Helping Your Kids Build a Better Body Image  What you can do to help your kids love their bodies...

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