My kids (and quite a few of their friends) absolutely love Webkinz.

It all started when my oldest got a Black Lab Webkinz for her 9th birthday (to match the black lab puppy we got as a family last spring.) Webkinz come in a huge variety: from panda webkinz, polar bear webkinz, webkinz penguins, webkinz turtles and webkinz reindeer - plus webkinz love puppies and love frogs - and just about everything in between.

What are Webkinz?

Webkinz are soft, plush animals, but they differ from your garden variety stuffed animal in that each Webkinz comes with a special, unique Secret Code. When the kids input the code into the Webkinz website (www.webkinz.com), they can enter a safe online world where they care for their pet and play kids' games. They take their webkinz to the virtual vet, and they can even "get a job" at the Webkinz employment office.

Kids also love the Webkinz trading cards, clothing, and charms. This is a great gift for little ones, and amazon.com has some great prices on webkinz. We've created a store with Amazon.com's best selection below, powered by Amazon.


Webkinz for Sale