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Are you looking for an experienced web writer for website and/or blog content? In addition to creating and developing my own sites (like this one), I love to create web content for other sites, too.

Why hire Susie Michelle?

I am an experienced web content provider with hundreds of articles published across the web. My writing style is conversational and concise. My work is fast and affordable.

As the founder and publisher of a variety of content-based websites, including Momscape.com and HomeBusinessHowTos.com, I understand the power of words to inform, educate, entertain, and keep visitors coming back again and again.

Upon graduating summa cum laude from the prestigious Missouri School of Journalism in 1996, I began my career as a web publisher and web content provider. Since that time, I have become well-versed in writing web content that is conversational and engaging, while also being informative and, at times, inspiring.

I have a good grasp of SEO, as well as social media marketing strategies.

A sampling of articles are available throughout momscape.com, as well as on my EzineArticles.com profile page where I am a Platinum-Level Expert Author.

Writing Samples

My writing samples appear across the web. Here are direct links to a variety of popular articles:

How to Keep Your Cool: 12 Tips for Staying Calm Under Pressure

10 Tips for Active and Effective Listening Skills

Treadmill Running Tips

14 Ways to Show Your Love

45 Quick and Easy Mood Lifters

Ten Tips for Choosing the Right Direct Sales Business

For more samples, conduct a Google search for “Susie Michelle” and/or “Susie Cortright" or see my Guru Profile here.


Rates vary. Email me for a custom quote on your web content needs. I look forward to hearing from you!