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Mr and Ms. Food Face
Make mealtime more fun for your picky eaters with these plates.
Woodland Fairy Birthday Party Package for 10
The Nod Chair
Mother/Daughter Aprons
"My Heritage" Personalized Book for Kids

Lunchtime for Toddlers (Ages 1 through 4)
Toddlers can be selective, predictable and stubborn. Here are some tips and recipes to make lunchtime fun for your toddler. By Cheryl Tallman

 Smart Strategies for Tackling Your Toddler's Terrible Twos
Two-year-olds deliver a special challenge for lots of parents. Here are six smart strategies for handling your child's second year.

Kid Friendly Breakfasts
Healthy Breakfast = protein + fruits or vegetables + whole grains + calcium. Here are some ideas and recipes your kids will love.

My Child Hits Me: What Should I Do?
5 tips for helping kids work through their anger in non-physical ways.

Encouraging Your Children to Appreciate Their Taste Buds
Encouraging healthy eating is about balance - even when it comes to taste. Here are a few tips that can help you expand or improve the balance in your child's taste buds. By Cheryl Tallman.

Soups are Souper: A Great Introduction for Toddlers
Introducing Soup to Toddlers, including a recipe for Creamy Asparagus Soup, from Cheryl Tallman.

Why You Can't Get Anything Done
"You’re not incompetent, and you don’t have ADHD. You have children!" A must-read from Melissa Stanton, author of The Stay-at-Home Survival Guide.

Working with Nature to Stimulate Your Child's Senses
Inspire and develop your child's senses every day. Here's a guide, from Mark J. Stevens.

Pick me up, Mommy: Ten Reasons to Hold Your Toddler
Some parents begin to think that toddlers shouldn’t be held as much as when they were babies, but parenting expert Joanne Baum thinks that’s largely a misperception. Here, why toddlers need arm time.

Toddler Time into the Terrific Twos: Nine Tips for Maintaining Your Sanity
Important reminders about this magical (but trying) stage of your child's life, from Dr. Joanne Baum.

Toddler Temper Tantrums: What to Do
The terrible twos. Even the most dignified parent has been left red-faced while their toddler is having a public meltdown.

Loving Your Terrible, Terrific Toddler
Your baby is growing into her own person. Your challenge is to keep your sanity and keep her safe. Your best strategy is to cultivate a great relationship with her and enjoy her emerging independence. Here are 14 tips from parenting expert Laura Markham.

Preschool at Home: Seven Tips for Homeschooling a Preschooler
By starting homeschooling activities at this age you'll be able to enrich your child's life and help them grow on a variety of different levels. Here are eight tips to get you started on your child's lifelong learning adventure. 

Back Up Your Child's Diet
"You know that it's wise to back up your computer’s hard drive; I recommend backing up your child’s food drive with a daily multivitamin/mineral supplement. This simple habit could improve your child’s health and even intelligence." Dr. Alan Greene, Professor of Pediatrics and author of Raising Baby Green, explains why he feels so strongly about this.

BPA-Free Baby Bottles: What You Need to Know
As a parent of young children, it seems as though every time I turn on the news or pick up a paper, there's something new to worry about. Now it seems researchers are linking BPA to everything from ADHD to cancer. Meanwhile, more than 95 percent of the bottles currently on the market contain the chemical, which can leech into the contents of the bottle and into a child's digestive system. Do you need to be concerned about BPA - and what can you do to protect your baby's health?

Serving Sizes for Toddlers
How much should your little ones be eating? Here are some easy guidelines.

Helping Your Toddler Share
Four solid strategies to help you guide your child through the "mine" syndrome. 

Toddler Learning Activities 
Toddlers: ever going, never tiring, always learning. Here are some fun and educational activities for your toddler. 

More Toddler Activities: Simple and Inexpensive Ways to Enjoy Life with your Toddler
The key to having fun with your toddler is to keep it simple and spend lots of time allowing them to explore at their own pace. Here are some simple and inexpensive activities you can enjoy with your toddler. 

The Top 10 Tips for Disciplining Toddlers Support your toddler's spontaneity while setting limits. Dr. Clare Albright tells us how. 

The Top 10 Tips for Supporting Your Toddler's Emotional Development Why the little tykes do what they do...and how you can help.  

Bedtime Routines for Toddlers
Getting a cranky toddler to go to bed is no walk in the park. Here are six tips. 

Healthier First Birthday Cake Ideas
Here are some ideas for keeping the tradition of the messy first birthday treat, but with some healthy twists. The best part? You can use these ideas far beyond the first birthday.

Discount Toddler Items (shoes, clothing, toys, etc.)

KBToys Coupons

Educational Coupons

Children's Place Coupons

Discount Birthday Party Supplies
From Birthday in a Box and Oriental Trading Company. 

Preschool Board Games Games spell family fun and lots of learning, too. Click here for our top picks...

Princess Parties
Fabulous games and crafts for your princess party. More fun things to do with kids. 

How to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables: 6 Easy Tips 
Here's a common struggle that most moms face at one time or another: getting kids to eat vegetables. Here are some fun and easy ways to get your kids to eat their veggies. 

How to Raise Happy Kids

Successful parenting means taking the time to understand what our children need to be fulfilled, confident, and happy. Of course, that’s no small task. Here are 14 guiding principles.

Family Fun: Five Ways to Celebrate Everyday Life with your Family Those of us who invest our time, energy, and money into raising a family know it better than anyone: there is no substitute for quality family time. Here are ideas for fostering the closeness of your family. 

20 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids
"When it's raining, snowing, or just plain too cold to play outside, your household can fall victim to the 'I'm Bored Blues.' With a little creativity and imagination, you can turn the tables and find fun things to do without running to the store or turning on the television."

Old-Fashioned Ways to Inspire Children Simple, low-cost ways to spark your child's imagination. 

The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Children In her last 25 years of working with people in her therapy practice and as a parent educator, Stephanie Marston has discovered one single most important fact that determines whether children grow up to be happy and successful...

Six Tips for Getting Through to Your Preschooler
Tips for parenting preschoolers, by author Annye Rothenberg

Frugal, Nutritious Snacks for Children Easy and delicious recipes your kids will love. 

Five Principles for Spiritual Parenting
by Mimi Doe

Get Down (on the Floor!) and Play with Your Children Ah, the joys of floortime! Here, fun tips for spontaneous play. 

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