Think Right Now Review

Think Right Now Special offer: For every 3 CD's or tapes you order, you get the 4th FREE.  Visit site for details.

Think Right Now by Mike bresciaThink Right Now! Success Conditioning Programs Review:

If your willpower and persistence always seem to fizzle, Think Right Now audio programs were created for you. 

Each program works by installing up to 22 core mental patterns (unconscious thoughts, beliefs and attitudes) of the people who already think, feel and perform exactly how you want to concerning that specific situation. 

There are no subliminal messages on these audio programs. You hear every statement on them. 
Available programs include 

  • Financial Abundance Now! 
  • Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now!
  • Freedom from Depression Now! 
  • Setting and Achieving Goals Now! 
  • Accelerated Sales Success Now! 
  • I Love Exercising Now! 
  • Eating for Excellent Health Now! 
  • I am Healed Now! 
  • I am Smoke-Free Now!
  • Tranquil Sleep Now! (Read our review)
  • Think Right Now! for Windows (software)  - This is a good stand-alone product, or you can easily program it to complement the other products. 

You can learn more about the strategies employed by Think Right Now at the official website, which goes into detail on the brain research behind Think Right Now and includes audio interviews with Think Right Now clients. 

Who's it for? Everyone. I'm not sure how these work, but I really think they do help you to think in different terms. I use the financial abundance, anxiety, and the goals program (along with the windows software). I also have the Tranquil Sleep program.
Money-back guarantee? Yes. Visit site for details. 

Special offers: For every 3 CD's or tapes you order, you get the 4th FREE.  Visit site for details.