The Secret to Self Motivation: Tips for Internet Entrepreneurs and Network Marketers

by Jamie Jefferson
If you are a home based or internet business owner, you know the importance of staying motivated. And you also know that, some days, it's more difficult than others.

But home based business success is based on consistent and persistent effort, so staying inspired and enthusiastic is an essential key to success.
Here are four important tips for keeping motivation high:

1. Write out your "why" and read it often. I like to call this my "Vision Statement." The Laptop Lifestyle really is so rewarding. I often wonder how anyone can be entirely satisfied without it.

To have a completely mobile and flexible business offers a pretty amazing quality of life. Get excited about this every single day. Imagine what changes in your life will result from this level of success. You can be home with your children, never miss another ball game, and do exactly what you like, when you like.

Really feel the "fire in your belly" and the excitement for the financial opportunities and the amazing lifestyle that is before you. Write out all the reasons why you are working to build your own business from home. Then post your vision statement where you can see it and re-read it at least daily.

2. Use the science of success to keep you motivated. Find a personal growth learning system that works well for you, whether it's seminars, books, CDs, or online training. Specific training on success principles, goal-setting, and marketing/promotion can keep you working at an efficient and productive pace.
3. Re-pattern your self-talk. A huge factor of my success has been my imagining that I've already achieved the goal ahead of time. Spend time visualizing your success, including how it will feel, and remind yourself that you deserve the time and freedom that you are working toward.
Act like you already have it, and you soon will. Remember to write your affirmations and your vision statement in the present tense (not the future tense). You are responsible for telling your subconscious mind what it should believe.

Tell yourself you make a lot of money and help a lot of people achieve their goals, and it will begin to become a reality for you. It might sound very airy-fairy, but it really does work.

4. Take some time off. This is a really hard one for me because I so love what I do. But I also know that taking short breaks throughout the day and even a day off every now and then is crucial. I always come back to my computer with renewed vigor and tons more ideas.

It's no accident that many great ideas are born in the shower -- because this is a place where we have stepped away from our thoughts and begin to relax a bit. When we take a break, we see our ideas from a broader perspective and we can make sure that the direction we're speeding off in is the right one. And that can save lots of time in the long run.

Here's to your success!