Quiz: How Successful Will You Be in an Online Business?

by Jamie Jefferson

How successful will YOU be in an online business?

Use the following questions as a tool to identify what you'll want to work on as your build your success.

1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how self-disciplined are you? Can you set your own deadlines? An online business requires you to be able to sit down at the computer each day, and there won't be anyone looking over your shoulder to see how much you accomplished (which is, after all, a *good* thing.)

2. Do you know how many hours you will need to devote to your online business each day or week? What sacrifices will you need to make in order to allocate that amount of time? Some success stories involve trading TV time each evening for computer time.
3. Do you like working alone? The Laptop Lifestyle can be solitary, with most correspondence happening via email and IM. Make sure to balance your screen-time with time spent outdoors and with friends and family.

4. Are you organized? Make sure you have a good system in place for paperwork, invoices, taxes, etc.

5. Are you ready to take on a multitude of tasks - or do you have a plan - as well as the funds - to delegate them?

6. If you have young children at home, do you have a plan for childcare while you work?

7. Do you have a place in your home set aside for your business?
8. Are you regularly studying the science of success? Make sure to take time to get re-motivated each day with uplifting CDs, online training, and books. Specific training on success principles, goal-setting, and marketing and promotion will save you a lot of time in the long run.

9. Write out your "why" and study it often. The Laptop Lifestyle is so rewarding. You can be home with your children, never miss another ball game, and do exactly what you like, when you like. Write out all the reasons why you are working to build your own business from home. Post it where you can see it and re-read it at least daily. The key is to stay enthusiastic and persistent toward your goals.