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Product Name: Spiritual Cinema Circle
Rating: 9.5 

Spiritual Cinema CircleI started my subscription to Spiritual Cinema Circle because I saw that one of my favorite authors, Mimi Doe, had recommended it in her email newsletter. (Mimi is the author of 10 Principles for Spiritual Parenting and Busy but Balanced.) 

I really liked the idea behind the cinema circle, and I wanted part of my entertainment dollars to support something that I see as a worthy cause. 

Spiritual Cinema Circle was created to deliver movies and entertainment that inspire, heal, and transform our everyday lives. Each film is selected for its spiritual and psychological depth and its value in enriching your life. 

How much does it cost? 
At the time of this writing, subscriptions run around $20 per month.  You'll get four selections each month, and they all come on a single DVD, which you get to keep, so there's nothing to return. 

These 4 selections typically including one feature-length show, and three shorter selections. My rating would have been a 10 if they had a few longer selections each month, but I still feel it's a great value for the price. They do have a free trial period, too. (You pay shipping and handling.) 

Spiritual Cinema CircleRight now, Spiritual Cinema Circle is holding a special promotion Join the DVD Club with Inspirational and Enlightened Independent Films. 
Subscribe to Spiritual Cinema Circle today and get your first DVD for FREE.
For a limited time only – Join Now and receive your first DVD FREE! That’s a $21 value for FREE; simply pay shipping and handling ($4.95 domestic/ $7.95 international). Should you be unsatisfied, you may cancel at any time and for any reason.

More Testimonials from the Spiritual Cinema Circle site:
Here's what one of the Spiritual Cinema subscribers has to say about The Spiritual Cinema Circle:

"These movies really have been fantastic. It is an incredible deal...and it can make a change in the world by promoting something different than the usual fare of violence and special effects.

These movies have real depth, real meaning, real people in them, and can touch something spiritual and awaken it, where special effects movies leave one numb.

I am showing them to groups of people, holding a Spiritual Cinema Night once a month on the third Friday. Response has been great!" 

“It’s not often you can combine entertainment with personal 
growth but that is exactly what Spiritual Cinema Circle offers. 
These engaging films provide important messages about life, 
love and the world we live in.” — Jack Canfield, author Chicken Soup for the Soul

Read testimonials from Deepak Chopra and Gary Zukav, as well as other members. 

By joining Spiritual Cinema Circle, you are joining a movement for quality entertainment, which encourages  talented, visionary filmmakers to continue in their efforts to add life and meaning to our movies. 

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Spiritual Cinema Circle

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