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The Spiritual Family
Building strong families through a focus on spirituality.

How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty
Do you find it difficult to say no? Do you have a fear of displeasing others? Do you have trouble expressing your true feelings? You're not alone. Author Amber Rosenberg has some tips to help you set personal boundaries.

Susie Michelle's article is featured on DumbLittleMan:
How to Keep Your Cool: 12 Tips for Staying Calm Under Pressure

Summer Observations on Rest and Guidance
From Jennifer Louden, best-selling author of five books, including the classic The Woman’s Comfort Book and Comfort Secrets for Busy Women.

Building Self Esteem 8 Ways
Use this technique to remove roadblacks on the way to living your best life.

Expand Your Circle of Nice
Author Winn Claybaugh has a simple way to alleviate stress.

What if Someone Reads My Journal?
Some thoughts on journal privacy.

Developing Mother's Intuition
By becoming more aware of how we receive intuitive information, we can sharpen and utilize our innate inner wisdom. Here, author Sherrie Dillard offers insights and exercises to help you develop your intuition.

How Satisfied Are You With Your Life?
Take this Life Satisfaction Quiz to find out how you can raise your level of satisfaction and attract the things you truly want in your life, from Orly Katz, author of Women, Decode the Law of Attraction.

From SARK:

SARK's Transformation Exper!ence
Get 90 fabulous tools for healing and transforming your life with SARK's Transformation Exper!ence!

Juicy Journaling with SARK
From journaling to poetry, Juicy Journaling with SARK is a writing companion to help you discover and LOVE your writing AND and your life!

SARK's Awesome Anytime Adventure
Want to take a different kind of vacation?  SARK's Awesome Anytime Adventure is a 30-day multimedia eProgram full of nourishing, fabulously fun sweet spots of inspiration, healing, and extreme self-care.  Sign up for your three free days at the bottom of the page!

Beyond Flowers
How do you plan on saying "I love you this Valentine's Day?" Authors Thomas Haller and Chick Moorman share a few ideas designed to touch the heart and the soul of your partner as well as those of your children.

Simple Secrets that Create Happy Family Memories
Research has found that doing simple rituals enhances our feelings of togetherness and family belonging by almost 20 percent. And those home traditions and customs also increase our kids’ social skills and development. Here are nine simple, no-cost secrets moms are using to create happy memories. By Dr. Michele Borba.

Ordinary is the New Extraordinary
In this time of hyper speed lives where everything is new, better, different, and faster (at a rate that would’ve made our ancestors faint), we have a chance to take a stand for an ordinary life. This life can feed our soul, but in order for it to do so, we have to recognize that everything is not equally important. We must sit with the paradox of being an insignificant grain of sand and yet also knowing how much it matters for us to use our gifts to make a difference, to serve. Here are seven points to consider, from Jennifer Louden. 

7 Secrets to Staying Positive in the Face of Negativity
"Whether your child or spouse has an occasional negative day or you deal with a family member, friend or co-worker that is chronically negative, there are things you can do to remain positive in the face of negativity..."

Journaling for Kids
Encouraging your children to keep their own personal journals.

Affirmations and Positive Thinking
Affirmations and positive thinking can tap the power of your subsconscious mind and propel you toward your goals. Here's how to write your own affirmations.

Self-Confidence Builders 
6 ways you can start feeling better about yourself, starting now.

Brian Tracy on The Key to Happiness

Frustrated with violent movies and sarcastic TV? 
Join the Spiritual Cinema Circle.

The Shy Person's Guide to Conversation
Everyone feels shy from time to time. Here are twelve tips to help you keep conversation flowing. 

Creative Parenting
"It's easy to get caught up in the mundane, day-to-day routine and forget how creative we must be as parents. Every day presents new challenges, and every day we must think of new solutions to those challenges. While there are many resources to help us, in the end it all comes down to resourcefulness and creativity." 

"Make Me Feel Important"
The best way to make a lasting impression is to take the time to make others feel genuinely valued. Here are four tips to help you make others feel more important.

The Art of Rest
Why is genuine rest so elusive?  Bestselling author Jennifer Louden sheds some light in a beautiful new article.

Eight Quick Ways to Nurture Your Creativity
Feeling burned out by simply being too busy? Nothing kills your ability to create faster than stress and burnout.Here, 8 key ways to refresh your soul and stoke your creativity so you can keep up your active pace and produce the creative output you need to.

Seven Soul-Nurturing Suggestions for Busy Women 
Important ideas from Cheryl Lynn Simpson

Learn Meditation
Secrets of Meditation for Better Health, by Matt Clarkson.

Hay House Events
See how one day can improve your life. 

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Consulting Your Soul
Simple practices for receiving guidance and making your life work at a higher level. By Dr. Wayne Dyer.

How Are Your Family Rituals? 
Why they're important - and some ideas for making them happen. By Mark Brandenburg, MA, CPCC

Thanksgiving Traditions: Nine Ideas for Families
Ideas for starting new family traditions – and for revering the old ones.

Simple Indulgences for Autumn
During this hectic time of year, it’s vital to take some time each day to simply enjoy your life and your family. Here are a week’s worth of ideas, especially for autumn.

10 Uses for Essential Oils in the Home
"When guests first enter your home the first thing that greets them is the aroma..."

How to Do Hard Things
A wonderfully helpful article that can motivate you to do just about anything. By Suzanne Falter-Barns.

Change the World with Your Computer  Seven simple ways you can reach out in kindness without even getting up from your computer. By Eliza Bloom.

Ten Ways to Add Abundance to Your Mind, Your Life, and Your World Make a difference in the world at large while you make a difference in your own.

When Mom Has a Temper Tantrum  "It's because we love our children so dearly that they are able to provoke such strong feelings of anger in us." Nine strategies you can use immediately when you feel anger coming on. 

Overscheduled Children Is a super-busy kid today's status symbol? 

Self Help Spiritual Advice

Freedom Through Forgiveness 20 life-changing quotes to read, remember, and share.

30 Ways to Celebrate Spring Throw open the curtains and spread good cheer. Spring has arrived! Here are thirty ways to celebrate.

Overstuffed Life? Scale Back Real-world ways to do just that, by Kathy Gates.

Simple Indulgences for March Quick and affordable indulgences to help you slow down and enjoy this season of beauty and transition. 

Do You Worry Too Much? Ten tips to help you stop. 

Twelve Winter Blah-Busters
Feeling stuck in a never-ending winter? Declare an early spring with these quick ideas.

How to Dry Flowers
Create beautiful home decor simply and easily. Here's how.

5 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude
Gratitude keeps us centered and wards off jealousy and negativity. Here are five little things we can do each day to nourish our sense of gratitude. 

Honor Your Children
Specific ways to celebrate the spirit of your children, every day.  

The Blessing Book
Create a treasure for yourself--and your kids.

The Smallest Things Mean Everything An important reminder from WomanLink's Catie Gosselin.

Ten Simple Ways to Honor Your Uniqueness
Shine a little love and light - on yourself. 

"My child calls me back to the present moment. He can be a strict teacher who points out all my weak points and shows me the art of being in the here and now—the most important art of all." An excerpt from Piero Ferrucci's charming  book, What Our Children Teach Us: Lessons in Joy, Love, and Awareness

Preventing Pessimism Six things you can do today to feel better about yourself and your life. 

Forcing the Issue "Burning the candle at both ends seems to have taken the place of living meaningfully..." Catie Gosselin on regaining a sense of joy and wonder in daily life. 

Expecting Miracles Catie Gosselin on surrendering control and developing trust. 

Transforming Shadow Comforts "The key to taking care of ourselves in healthy ways is not willpower but the ability to listen and trust ourselves." Jennifer Louden, author of The Comfort Queen's Guide to Life, tells us how to transform our shadow comforts into healthy comforts. 

Dalai Lama's Millennium Practice A simple routine to increase the love and compassion in the world. 

Setting Personal Goals Get serious about making a change. Here, practical, step-by-step instructions to identifying, planning and scheduling your next success. 

Beating the Post-Holiday Blues Take the joy of the holidays with you the whole year through. Columnist T.W. Winslow tells us how. 

The Inertia of Winter "Like packing away holiday trappings, getting rid of emotional 'stuff,' unhealthy habits, etc., can bring about a feeling of lightness; the perfect solution to winter doldrums..." 

Reviving your Resolutions: Tips for Staying Motivated A New Year’s celebration as huge and hyped as this last one has resulted in some huge and hyped resolutions, but good intentions are sometimes not good enough. Here's a guide to keeping those promises you made to yourself. 

Wishing it Were Friday Are you wishing your life away? The latest from columnist T.W. Winslow.

What to Do When Someone You Know Has Been Diagnosed with Breast Cancer Good advice for supporting your family and friends through a crisis. 

Finding Your Spirit Simple tips that could change your life. 

Build Self Confidence: Five Steps to a More Confident You Boost your self-confident quotient today. 

Finding Happiness Today Straightforward wisdom from T.W. Winslow.

"I've Got to Be Me" One supermom shares her secret for getting everything done and staying sane. 

Nine Simple Stress-Busters for Moms Tips for creating what every mom needs: more energy, more balance, more time, and less stress.

Momscape's Giggles Channel The latest from our humor columnists.
Learning to Love Your Body Learn how to build a better body image...

Helping Your Kids Build a Better Body Image  What you can do to help your kids love their bodies...

Practical Tips for Simplifying Your Life The first step is to eliminate those time and space wasters.  Here's how.  

Journaling: A Tool for the Spirit The fountain of personal wisdom may be as close as your nearest pen. That’s because the single most essential instrument for nurturing your spirit is a personal journal. Learn how to make your spirit soar...through words. 

"Thank You": Grace and Gratitude in the Everyday  The extraordinary power of two simple words. 

Escaping the Guilt Trap Mothers know all about guilt. Here are a few tips for identifying the guilt that is only dragging you down...and what to do about it. 

Help for Chronic Worriers Does excessive worry eat away at you? Learn what sort of worry can help you, and what can only make life more difficult.  Then, find out what to do about it. 

Desperately Seeking Support A support network of other mothers can help moms share ideas, vent frustration, and compare notes. Learn how to build a support network of your own. 

Are You Depressed? Part One: Theories Dr. Dorree Lynn explores the theories regarding women and depression in the first of this four-part series on the "big blues." 

Are You Depressed? Part Two: Signposts Signs, symptoms, and risk factors. 

Are You Depressed? Part Three: Impact How depression may affect you and those you love. 

Are You Depressed? Part Four: Treatment Important advice on getting help for yourself or your loved ones. 

Nurturing--and Energizing--Your Spirit
Ten Areas of Abundance in Your Life Right Now More proof that attitude is everything. You'll want to bookmark this page for those days that leave you feeling frustrated, bored or just plain trapped.

Ten Ways to Live in Creative "Flow" A step-by-step guide for a more fulfilled creative life. 

Ten Ways to Feel Absolutely Brilliant Energize and prioritize with these ten tips. 

Summertime Soul Snacks Nurture your spirit and savor the summertime with these warm weather soul snacks. 

Basics of Yoga An introduction to Yoga's purpose, practice, and postures. By Edith Howell of

An Introduction to Integrative Medicine The integrative approach is gaining ground as doctors use alternative remedies to complement existing treatments. Here, a round-up of the the web's premier holistic health sites. 

Feng Shui Decorating Change your attitude by changing your living space.

Fun Shui (sm) Energy guru Gail Howerton of Funcilitators helps us "organize to energize" using a the Chinese art of Feng Shui...with a twist.

Making Scents of Aromatherapy   Researchers say aroma affects everything from buying behaviors and food cravings to energy level and sex drive. Learn how to put the science of aromachology to work for you.

Herbs for Health  Experts say herbal supplements can help fight fatigue, depression, even PMS and the common cold. Here, we sort the facts from the hype and provide a listing of herbs that might help you maintain the health and energy levels your job demands.

Banishing the Burnout Blues  Mothers are prime targets for physical and emotional burnout. Learn how to prevent and treat mommy burnout before it develops into a more serious problem.

Christmas Traditions: 25 Meaningful Ideas for Families
The holidays are a time to revel in the gratitude and love we feel for one another. Here are 25 meaningful ways to celebrate your togetherness this season.

Holiday Stress Management
Decking the halls and spreading good cheer takes a lot of energy. Here are some tips to make sure you enjoy every last fa-la-la.

Christmas Gifts for Neighbors: 15 Ideas for Sweet and Simple Gifts
The more holiday cheer we can spread, the better, especially in our own neighborhoods. Here are some ideas for simple, sweet, inexpensive gifts that are just right.

Holiday Shopping Tips
I confess that holiday shopping once felt like an enormous, energy-draining chore, and it was one that I dreaded all year long. Now I have found a way to really enjoy it. Here are some tips to help you take pleasure in it, too.