Scrapbooking for Others

There is a growing market for those who make scrapbooks for others. The appeal for scrapbook enthusiasts is great – minimal start-up costs – you really can start with almost nothing! You get to work from home, choose your hours, and make money. There’s lots of money out there, for many professional scrapbook artists.

See, a lot of people like the look of scrapbooks, but don’t have the time, knowledge, or creativity to do it themselves. And, as with other service businesses such as professional organizing and interior design, it’s easier for some people to hire out than to do it themselves.

This career has really started to grow in the ‘00s, bringing in hundreds and thousands of dollars per album for hard-working professional scrapbook artists who believe in their service and promote it to the target markets who understand what it is worth. This service has the potential for the most income – but again, that success is ultimately up to you.

Professional scrapbook artists who make scrapbooks for others can certainly use the fact that they have been published as a draw. Include it in your marketing materials, on your Web site, in your portfolio, etc.

As a scrapbook business owner, you have clients supply you with their photos and you use creativity and you artistic ideas to design the books. Professional scrap bookers also offer the written word and catchy captions to increase their marketability.

Anyone can throw some pictures, letters, postcards, and the like into a scrapbook. People who want the services of a scrapbooking home business, however, are looking for more. They want scrapbooks that are more than just things flung between the covers of a scrapbook to show their family members and friends.

scrapventure proOften people want to be sure they leave behind a legacy and hiring a professional to put together their life and memories is something many people will pay a lot of money for. Sometimes you will be asked to piece together fifty years of someone’s life in a chronological order of presentation. This includes anything from articles, high school items, pictures, certificates, etc.

This is a great gift business. A professionally designed scrapbook makes a wonderful gift for someone’s monumental birthday or special occasion, like retirement.

If you think scrapbooking for others is a business you want to learn more about, then you'll want to check out the Professional Scrapbook Artist Home Study Guide. Head on over to ScrapVenture Pro to learn more.