Scrapbooking Business Articles

How to Start a Business Scrapbooking: Tips and ideas for opening a scrapbooking business. 

Work-at-Home Crafts Business: 5 Tips for Success
You CAN sell your handmade crafts. A simple home business is possible. Follow the five steps below and watch your craft sales soar.

Make Money ScrapbookingThe Scrapbook Business Center
Lots of free information on starting a scrapbooking business, by Vera Raposa.

50% off Scrapbook Classes at Home
Scraptutor is now offering its 28 scrapbook classes for 50% off. These are comprehensive scrapbook classes you can take at home, from your computer. Check out the complete list of classes. Volume 1 covers the Techniques (including Quilling, Heat Embossing, Wire); Volume 2 is Design Elements - covering everything from Borders to Photo Editing & Cropping to Typefaces. 28 classes in all. Highly Recommended.

So You Want to Start a Scrapbooking Business? 
16 different ways to earn money from your hobby. By Sue DiFranco. 

Marketing Your Scrapbooking Business with Local Events
Tips for finding - and making the most of - local fairs and festivals. 

Got Publicity? 18 Tips for Building Your Business with Newsworthy Scrapbooking Events

Profit from Being a Published Scrapbook Designer Here's how...

Calls for Pages, Layouts, Projects

Here is a running list of calls for pages at the top scrapbooking magazines and publications. Bookmark this page and check back often for new, specific calls for pages, layout challenges, and publication guidelines. 

Scrapbooking for Others Help with pricing your work.