PaperBag Scrapbooking

Making paperbag books and mini scrapbooks is so simple even kids can do it. In fact, these make great scrapbooking projects for children, tweens, and teens.

All it takes is a few simple brown paper bags, and you've got an adorable, inexpensive, and heartfelt project/gift idea with limitless possibilities.

Instructions for making paperbag scrapbooking albums

Place 2 to 4 paperbags on top of each other, alternating open ends. Then fold them in half and create your binding.

Options for paperbag binding

Staples about 1/2" from the fold. Then cover the staples with a strip of coordinating patterned paper or cardstock.

Eyelets or rivets.

Punch holes and tie with ribbons, fibers, or fabric strips. You can tie knots through each hole or weave the ribbon through the holes.

Sew a straight line straight through the fold.

"Open ends" of the paper bag

The open end of each bag makes a wonderful pocket for journaling or more photos. Insert tags or additional cardstock "pages" into the open end of each bag. You can even create unique embellished pulltabs with ribbons or cardstock tabs.

"Closed ends" of the paper bag

You have several choices for the closed end of each bag.

Lift the flap and use it for more photos and journaling.

Cut a slit through the fold of the bag and insert a coordinating tag.

Trim the closed end of the bag so it opens just as the open end of the bag does. Cover the flap with paper or cardstock.

Now decorate however you like with photos, journaling, and embellishments, including patterned paper, borders, squares, vellum, transparencies, silk flowers, alphabets, fibers, ribbons, and fabrics. Click here for a beautiful example.

Note: Paper bags are not acid-free, so make sure to use duplicate photos only.