Journaling for Kids:
Scrapbooking Children's Favorite Stories

Article Summary: Children have "hot stories" to tell and scrapbooking these favorite stories is a great way to preserve them. Here are some tips to help you get your children's stories down on paper.

Countless memories are built during the formative childhood days.

Here are various "stories" that you and your child can scrapbook about:

A) Story of the Birth of Baby

Kids love to read stories about themselves as babies. Having pages surrounding your child's birth will make him or her feel how much he or she is wanted by the family.

- Photo of mommy pregnant with the baby.

- Who waited for the birth?

- Who came for the hospital visit?

- Weight, length, doctor, hospital details.

- Feelings of parents about the birth of your child.

- Funny stories that happened.

- Documenting baby milestones.

- What's your kid's favorite bedtime stories?

- Photo of your child's favorite toys.

As there's a chance that there were no photos taken during the birth, a good alternative would be to do a page on significant or historical events that happened on the day or year of your kid's birth. How to source for such information? Visit to pick up such data.

Another idea is for your child to do a page on his or her name and birthday. Record your child's feelings about his or her name. Why did you and your husband come up with such a name? What's the meaning of the name? Find out what famous people share your kid's name. Find out what famous birthdays share your kid's birthday. What's the best birthday party your child had?

B) Story of Family

Family members are among the most influential people that influence a child during the growing years. Having your child scrapbook about the family will reinforce the importance of family connectedness in his or her life.

- What does your child like about each family member?

- Does your girl or boy like being part of the family? Why?

- Does your child like being the first-born, middle-born, in-between or baby of the family?

- What does your child like about his or her grandparents?

- What are the family chores that your child can  handle?

- Does your kid have a favorite pet? What does your child like about the pet? Ask your child to draw a picture of the pet.

- Record funny incidents that took place in the family.

- Typical day at home. What's the daily activities that take place?

- List of fun things your kid did with the family, such as sporting events, camping, and picnics.

- Favorite family vacations. Where did you go and what did your child do?

- What's your kid's most memorable memories about the family?

- Record the cultural heritage of the family.

- Suggest that your child draw a family portrait.

C) Story of School Days

School is where the child will improve his or her fine-motor, language, art, math, problem-solving, expanding ideas and social skills. Many unforgettable memories will be formed here and your child would want to scrap these days.

- Favorite subject at school. Why?

- Favorite teacher. What does your child like about this teacher?

- Describe a typical day at school.

- Describe the items in your kid's backpack. Photo of those items.

- What does your child like about his or her school?

- Where does he or she usually hang out?

- List of fun things your child does with his or her classmates.

- Extracurricular activities or clubs. Why did your child choose these activities?

- Who does your child usually sit with at lunch?

- Who are your child's favorite classmates? What does your child like about them?

- What are the memorable field trips?

D) Story of Friends

Friends are crucial in the development of a kid's growth. By scrapbooking the theme of friendship, he or she will learn the importance of friends, and to dwell on the positive aspects of friendship.

- Who are your child's best friends?

- What does your child like about them?

- What do your kids usually do when they are together?

- Where does your child like to hang out with friends? Why?

- What are the qualities your child admires in his or her friends?

E) Story of Dreams

Children have the amazing ability to daydream, imagine and dream big! Here are ideas for  journaling future jobs, things they want to achieve, homes and the lifestyle they want to lead.

- What does like your child want to become when he or she grows up? Why?

- What are the duties included in the job?

- Who are the famous/ordinary people with the career your child admires? Photo of these people?

- What are the qualities of the people with the career your child dreams of?

- What kind of home does your child want in the future? Draw a picture of the dream house.

- Does your child want to be married in future? How many kids does your child want to have? What are the qualities your child look for in his or her partner?

- List of top ten things your child wanted most to do in his or her life.

- What does your child imagine he or she will be doing during free time?

- If your child could have a superpower, what would it be. Why?

- If money was no object, what would you child want to do with the money. Why?

These are some of the common themes you and your kid can cover.

Happy scrapping childhood stories!

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