Scrapbooking Articles

Scrapbook Glossary
Do you know your scrapbook lingo? 

Scrapbook Cookbooks and Family Cookbook Making 
Tips for preserving your treasured recipes in family cookbooks.

Decoupage Tips
Almost any surface can be used for decoupage, but different surfaces will require different treatment. Here's a handy guide. 

Rub-On Transfers for Scrapbooking
"Get ready to have a blast making custom rub on transfers. We spent hours researching the best way to make smudge-free rub on transfers that could be used in scrapbooking and rubber stamping craft project." By rubber stamping expert Kathy Williams. 

Photo Processing Coupon Codes

Photoworks Coupon Codes

SeeHere Coupon Codes

Snapfish Coupon Codes

Ribbon Crafts
50 creative ways to use decorative ribbon for scrapbooking, crafting, home decor, and fashion...

Baby Journaling Hints
Tips for capturing the magic of motherhood in your scrapbook. 

50% off Scrapbook Classes at Home
Scraptutor is now offering its 28 scrapbook classes for 50% off. These are comprehensive scrapbook classes you can take at home, from your computer. Check out the complete list of classes. Volume 1 covers the Techniques (including Quilling, Heat Embossing, Wire); Volume 2 is Design Elements - covering everything from Borders to Photo Editing & Cropping to Typefaces. 28 classes in all. Highly Recommended.

Work-at-Home Crafts Business: 5 Tips for Success
You CAN sell your handmade crafts. A simple home business is possible. Follow the five steps below and watch your craft sales soar.

Journaling for Kids
Encouraging your children to keep their own personal journals.

Top 50 Father Quotes
50 inspiring quotes about dad. Perfect for scrapbooking, cardmaking, or simple reflection.  

Wedding Scrapbook Ideas
A wedding is one of life's most momentous events, and that means making your wedding scrapbook can be an intimidating prospect. But it doesn't have to be. Here are some tips to help you get going on this important project.

Texture Effects for Rubber Stamping
Learn rubber stamping techniques for creating texture effects with markers, sandpaper, baby wipes, and crayons.

Digital Photo Albums
It can be hard to find the time and motivation to organize old photographs into a photo album. Luckily, today you can organize digital cameras on your computer - no more boxes full of disorganized photographs! Read these tips for great organization of your photographs.

Scrapbook Layout Sketches
Save time and money scrapbooking with scrapbook layout sketches.

Top 50 Mom Quotations
50 inspiring and truthful quotations about your mother and about being a mom yourself. Perfect for scrapbooking, cardmaking - or simple reflection.

Scrapbooking for Kids
It's only natural that your children will want to start scrapbooking with you. Learn tips on  scrapbooking for kids, including cost saving ideas, page ideas and more! Great tips from a homeschooling mom of 4...

Journaling Prompts for Kids
Help your children scrapbook their own life stories with these journaling prompts. 

Scrapbook Themes
Choosing a scrapbooking theme helps you stay focused while it reduces the chance that you'll buy more supplies than you'll use. Here, tips for choosing the right scrapbook theme, as well as example theme kits that make the process even easier. By Susie Cortright.

Scrapbook Journaling - The Five W's
Tips on turning simple scrapbooks into family heirlooms with scrapbook journaling.

Tips for Successful Poem Scrapbooking
When you're scrapbooking family memories, don't forget poetry written by your kids, your mate, even by you! This article offers timely tips for preserving poetry.

Digital Camera Buying Guide
Discover the simple basics of digital cameras and smoothly transition from film photography to digital photography with the digital camera that is best for you.

Baby Shower Gift Wrap
Adorable ideas the mother-to-be won't soon forget.

Family Traditions for Easter
Celebrate this season of renewal, abundance and love with some new family traditions. Here are seven ideas.

PaperBag Scrapbooking
Making paperbag books and mini scrapbooks is so simple even kids can do it. In fact, these make great scrapbooking projects for children, tweens, and teens. All it takes is a few simple brown paper bags, and you've got an adorable, inexpensive, and heartfelt project/gift idea with limitless possibilities.

A Book of Blessings
Create a treasure for yourself--and your kids.

Choosing A Digital Camera
Digital cameras are no longer a luxury these days, with high resolution mega pixels and sophisticated features coming within a very appealing price range. And thanks to many comprehensive digital camera reviews, it’s easy to pick the most sought after features and qualities and still stay within a budget.

Handmade Books
Bookmaking instructions for books kids can make. A great way to encourage reading!

Starting a scrapbooking club 
Tips for starting your own local crop group, by Susie Cortright. 

Starting a Direct Sales Scrapbooking Business "Just for the Discount" It can be a great way to get your own product at a discount and meet other scrapbookers, but it's also important to read the fine print. Here are seven of the most important factors to consider.

Photo Processing Bargains for Scrapbookers
The web features lots of bargains for photo processing. Here is a list of the best buys, freebies, and special promotions - updated weekly.

Easy Steps to Scrapbooking with Young Kids
Children have many stories to tell, and you'll be amazed at the ideas they can come up with! Pump up your kid's self-esteem by putting his or her words onto the scrapbook pages. More ideas on Scrapbooking with Kids

Calls for Pages, Layouts, Projects
Here is a running list of calls for pages at the top scrapbooking magazines and publications. Bookmark this page and check back often for new, specific calls for pages, layout challenges, and publication guidelines. 

Use Your Coluzzle: A Simple How-To for Using this Versatile Tool 

How to Use Scrapbook Chalk

How to Sew and Embroider on Your Scrapbook Pages

Scrapbooking as an Art Form: Ten Principles of Design & Composition

Valentine's Day Crafts
Valentine's Day card kits, mini album kits and more.

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids
Fun things to do with your kids for Valentine's Day.

Scrapbooking Business Articles
It's amazing how many ways you can earn money from your hobby. These articles provide you with a variety of options...from custom scrapbook artist to event planner.