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How to Organize a Photo Album - Digital Photographs Welcome

by Anne Clarke

Article Summary: It can be hard to find the time and motivation to organize old photographs into a photo album. Luckily, today you can organize digital cameras on your computer - no more boxes full of disorganized photographs! Read these tips for great organization of your photographs.
Do you have shoeboxes full of photos of birthdays from years past? Are your family vacation photos languishing away in the dark corner of a cabinet or closet, stuffed into the envelopes the developer put them in? Most of us do, and though we have great intentions to get organized and put the pictures into albums, it’s hard to find the time.
When we do finally find the time, it’s difficult to find the motivation to match. The great news is that today, with the digital camera age, that disorganized stack of photos may be a thing of the past. Imagine being able to organize your photo album with the click of the mouse!

Photo album software today allows you to import, organize, enhance, and share your digital photos. Photo album software offers great solutions for editing and organizing your photo album.

Many software programs now allow you to view, archive, and share your digital pictures with friends and family. With the click of a button you can archive your digital pictures from your camera’s memory card onto a CD-R, and the plug into your TV set and view instantly!

Some tips when organizing your digital photo album:

· When in doubt, keep it...
Don’t make hasty decisions about which photos you keep and which you throw out. One that you delete because it’s imperfectly composed may turn out to be irreplaceable. Besides, you can fix and enhance many photos by using the photo touch-up software.

· Back it up...
Backing up your pictures on optical discs minimizes risk and simplifies a future move to a new computer. A blank CD can hold between 600 and 1,200 two-megapixel images, depending on its compression level. A blank DVD can hold about seven times as many. Store them at a location other than your home.

· Secondary backup...
Prints are still a good idea, just in case something happens to your digital copies.

· Just to be safe...
Online. A number of online services will store your photos on their computers, from which you can retrieve them. The main advantage is shielding your photos from fire, flood, or any other natural disaster.

These great software programs can replace all the clutter of disorganized photo albums collecting dust in your cabinets and closet. Best of all, you can easily take the CD along with you to show off. Toss the CD into your pocket and you’ll be ready to pop it into a computer and show off those fabulous vacation photos with ease. Say goodbye to the disorganized photo collection today, and have fun organizing your next digital photo album!
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