Product Review: Whoonu Game by Cranium

Product Name: Whoonu
Submitted by: Sandra Overstreet; Tappahannock, VA
Rating: 10
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Whoonu Game

This is a game designed for ages 8+ and for 3-6 players.

Whoonu is a very simple guessing game. The players pick a person to be the "Whoozit" and the remaining players are dealt 4 cards each.

Each card has either a thing or activity listed, such as "the scenic route" or "pick up trucks."

The object of this game is for the players to pick out one thing from their hand that they think the Whoozit will like the most and then place it in the Whoozit envelope. The number of cards varies depending on how many players are playing.

The Whoozit then looks through the Whoozit envelope and chooses the card that they will place in front of the matching token in order from 1 (being the least) up to 6 (being the most.) After the Whoozit finishes, they read the cards and hand out the appropriate token to the person who chose that card. Points are kept by the numbers on the tokens. Play is over once all the tokens are gone. The person with the most points win.

Review: I think this is an absolutely wonderful game. It makes learning new things about each other fun for everyone. My family plays this game at least once every week since we have purchased it. I believe this is a game that will last quite a long time and is good for various ages.

Criticism: The only downfall I see is once you go through the stacks of cards a few times you learn who likes what and it makes for a duller game. Cranium should make booster packs for this game so you can purchase them and never have a dull game.

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