Baby Product Review: Sounds of Baby CD

Product Name: Sounds of Baby CD
Submitted by: Fran Gratton; Downingtown, PA
Rating: 9
Where to buy:

Description: The Sounds Of Baby CD is an audio desensitization recording designed to help our four-legged family members prepare for a baby by gradually presenting baby sounds.

This CD is intended as a supplement to basic obedience training, specifically,  to help a family grow while continuing to enjoy the presence of a beloved pet. 

The baby sounds have been arranged to intrigue and gently expose your pet to an increasingly extreme variety of new baby in the house noises. 

The positive associations created by using this training process develop the special bond between family pet and the new family member. 

Review: As a long-time dog and cat owner and a former breeder I can see this working for cats and dogs. I highly recommend the CD. 
This is a unique baby gift idea that is just right for the growing family that also includes a pet. 

The CD can be helpful in eliminating some of the concerns the family may have about the pet making an adjustment to the changes precipitated by the baby’s arrival. 

I am not able to come up with any negative feelings about this CD. It was created by a mother for other mothers and she was effective in creating a product that may make the transition from being a house with a dog to a house with a dog and a new baby at home.

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