Review: Perego Primo Viaggio Infant Car Seat

Product Name: Perego Primo Viaggio Infant Car Seat
(shown here in orange, lots of fun colors available.)

Submitted by: Pat Young; Atlanta, Ga.

Rating: 8.5

Where to buy:
Baby Universe

Description: Peg Perego's Primo Viaggio car seat.

Here are some of its best features:

- Adjustable, latch-compatible base, works great for getting that perfect fit into the van/car. 

- Side level indicator tells you when you've got the right angle.

- Thick padding for comfort and safety

- 5-point harness to keep the child in.

- Infant head insert to prevent head rolling.

- Belly pad to protect from chafing.

- Can be put right into Perego Stroller.

- Large adjustable canopy. 

- Comes in different colors.

Review: I purchased this car-seat after shopping around for quite some time. All of the other car-seats simply didn't meet my expectations on what I believed to be a safe and logistical car-seat. 

This car-seat works great with - and can fit in - all kinds of cars/vans. I was pleased with the sturdiness of the seat. It can be locked in firmly and feels very safe. It does not rock or move when turning, even sharply. (Not recommended! :) )

What I love most about this car-seat is how it fits right into the stroller. This is so perfect for those trips around the mall. You can just unlatch the seat, pop it out, and put it right into the stroller - all without waking the baby. 

The carrying handle is nice and firm. It doesn't shake or rattle or feel like it’s coming off or breaking. I feel this is the safest and most portable car-seat on the market. I
highly recommend it to anyone who wants a safe and convenient car-seat for their child. 

Criticism: If they could only lower the price!

[Editors Note:  We've found that Baby Universe  consistently has good prices on Peg Perego merchandise. Check for the latest coupons and special offers from Baby Universe here before purchasing. Also note that this car seat review was on the 2005 model of the Primo Viaggio.]

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