Product Review: Micro Spy Kit X2

Product Name: Micro Spy Kit X2
Submitted by: Caleb Lauth, Atlanta, GA
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Description: The Micro Spy Kit X-2 contains a micro ear light that you wear around your ear with the help of an adjustable stem to make it fit. The kit also has a secret agent pen that writes with invisible ink and a decoder light so you can read the secret messages.  The Micro Spy Kit X2 also comes with a spy micro listener, including microphone, ear bud and carrying clip. The micro-listener allows you to hear things that are happening far away. There's also a spy motion alarm that you can use to detect intruders. All these gadgets fit on a utility belt. 
The kit retails for $24.99, but currently has it in stock for 20% off ($19.99) [Price subject to change.]

Review: If your kid likes Spy Kids, he'll like this toy.
My favorite tools are the secret agent pen and spy motion alarm. Sometimes, when my brother isn't looking, I turn on the spy motion alarm. And the secret agent pen lets me write secret messages to my friends. I like the micro listener because I can hear what my brother is talking about even when he's far away. The micro ear light is cool because it helps me see in the dark (and I'm afraid of the dark). 

Criticism: The micro ear light doesn't fit my ear so well. 

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