Baby Product Review: Maya Wrap

Product Name: Maya Wrap
Last name: Lauth, Carrie
State: GA
City: Dallas
Rating: 10
Where to buy:

Description: Guatemalan cotton unpadded "ring" baby sling 

Review: If you want a perfect all around baby sling, try the Maya Wrap. I've worn two threadbare thus far!

I've tried the padded sling styles (NoJo, Over the Shoulder Baby Holder) for awhile but found them too bulky, like wearing a pillow around my torso. Plus these slings make it too hard to get baby really close to you because you can't pull the tail far enough through the rings to get a hands-free breastfeeding hold or a snug-hold with a newborn if you're petite. (Plus it's hot!) 
The Maya Wrap is in my opinion the best all around baby sling. It's super easy and fast to just slip on. It's cool and breathable. It's almost infinitely adjustable. You can adjust the top and bottom "rails" of the sling independently which is great when your child falls asleep and you need to pull their head in close to your body so it doesn't flop around (impossible to do with the padded styles).

The Maya Wrap comes in a variety of colors and especially beautiful fabrics. It has a very soft feel after a few washings.
The Maya Wrap comes in a Natural and Padded variety. And an instructional DVD comes with every sling. 

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