Natural Living Product Review: ECover Cleaning Products

ECover Cleaning Products

Product Name: Ecover Cleaning Products 

Last name: Lauth, Carrie

State: GA

City: Dallas

Rating: 8

Where to buy:

Description: Ecover products are a line of reasonably priced, non-toxic cleaners that are readily available at most large health food grocers. There is a full line of household cleaners including laundry detergents, dishwashing liquid, dishwasher detergent, bathroom and all purpose cleaners.

Review: Ecover Toilet Bowl Cleaner 

Maybe it's a little strange to get excited about a toilet bowl cleaner, but I think many Moms will understand! I love the Ecover brand toilet bowl cleaner. It comes in a specially shaped container so that you can aim the thick cleaning liquid right under the rim where it's needed. I like that the product foams up so you get sudsy, potent cleaning power. 

The toilet bowl cleaner comes in a couple of scents, the Pine Fresh is my favorite. It has a wonderful "clean" scent. It's not perfume-y, just a refreshing, sanitary kind of smell. Highly recommended. With Ecover, you can feel good when the kids help out!

Dishwashing Liquid

I decided to try Ecover natural dishwashing liquid at a recent trip to the health food store. It costs a bit less than some of the other natural brands. It has a light, pleasant scent that's not at all overwhelming like some commercial brands. It's a gentle herbal formula with chamomile and marigold.

The liquid doesn't suds up as much as traditional dishwashing liquids which takes some getting used to, but one squirt cleaned a sinkful of dishes, including pots and pans. Another small advantage of the Ecover dishwashing liquid is the flip-top lid, it doesn't get gunked up the way other styles do. I will definitely be purchasing Ecover products again. 

Ecover dishwashing tablets 

I was pleased to find that the May issue of Consumer Reports Magazine gave Ecover dishwashing tablets a thumbs up. Too often, environmentally friendly, non toxic cleaning products don't measure up. But CR rated Ecover in the top 3 among the 20 they tested. The Ecover brand contains enzymes which makes it especially effective. It also contains no chlorine or phosphates. 

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