Product Review: Easy Face Painting Ebook

Product Name: Easy Face Painting eBook
Submitted by: LeaAnn Massey; Covington, IN
Rating: 8
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Description: The Easy Face Painting Book is an eGuide designed to help parents do professional face painting for just about any type of event you can think of or even just for a rainy day in with the kids.

Review: Super easy to read, understand and use. The way it shows the pictures step-by-step really makes me want to go out and find as many kids as I can to paint something on.

The first thing I really appreciated about the guide was the many tips and pointers on how to get started that were included. She's not assuming I know anything about face painting (and I don't) so I don't feel lost or unsure of what I'll need and how to get going. Even the fact that I'm not an artist by any means doesn't faze me now that I see how to make the different shapes and designs in easy steps.

There are so many designs included that I think the problem will be choosing only a few to start working on! The step-by-step instructions make it so easy to follow along and I love how the pictures show each step so that you can very easily follow along as see what's happening as if someone were actually there teaching you. The tips on how to make kids comfortable while doing the face painting are great. I would be a bit nervous to be painting on someone else's child so knowing some things to say or do so that they stay comfortable with the process is great.

Having different designs and patterns to choose from all in one spot is very helpful for someone who starting out may not know what to look for in a good pattern. The guide includes Halloween, Christmas, St. Patty's Day and many other holiday patterns that can be used to paint great faces. The designs of ladybugs, butterflies, spiders, superheroes, snakes, cats, and inanimate objects like watches are sure to please even the pickiest of children.

I would have no idea where to begin looking for this type of information and to put it all together into a nice, understandable package would take so much time and effort. This is a super value and I feel very confident that there will be lots of happy, smiling children with cool face paintings at every event I attend.

The only thing I could think of, as a drawback is that there is a lot of information to print off so that you can have it in front of you. Great pictures of the painting, it would be neat to also see pictures of different setups for parties, events, etc.

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