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Product Name: Craving Secrets ebook
Submitted by: LeaAnn Massey; Covington, IN
Rating: 8
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Description: The Craving Secrets package offers women who are having intense cravings the advice they need to get the cravings under control and start eating for health and nutrition.

The foods covered in this eGuide include:
- Alcohol
- Artificial Sweeteners
- Aspartame
- Caffeine
- Carbohydrates
- Chocolate
- Crunchy Foods
- Dairy Products
- Dessert
- Fast Food
- Fried Foods
- Meats
- Oils and Fats
- Salty Foods
- Splenda
- Soda
- Sugar
- Wheat


This product is very easy to read and I love the audio part.

Diana's advice is very reasonable and I see how I can start making small changes that will work towards making a big difference in my overall health.

This book is for so many people since most of us have found ourselves craving foods like sugars, breads, chocolate, salty foods (and many more.)

Diana knows her stuff and it really shines through when you read the eBook and listen to the audio. As someone who constantly struggles with chocolate and sugar cravings there I now have a clear, action plan to make sure I am getting the nutrition I need and not eating junk food all the time.

Craving Secrets comes with the eBook, an audio and some bonuses. The first thing I did was listen to the audio and it's great to know that Diana has so much experience and that she really knows what she is talking about. I love how the eBook is easy to scroll through and find the foods that I have cravings with and find out why they are addictive, how they affect my health and reasonable steps I can take to start conquering the cravings and feeling better.

I've spent so much money on products to help me lose weight but I've always focused on the exercise part of it. Diana has made me realize that starting with nutrition is the best way to get started and that I need to first take control of the foods that are holding me back. The best thing is I don't need to buy an expensive gym membership or equipment. Craving Secrets is a great value for the price and the steps to take to conquer cravings are equally low cost, free or very reasonable (like buying more veggies from the grocery store!).

Criticism: Honestly I'm not all that interested in nutrition and some parts I find to be a bit dry and boring. I think this could be spruced up and keep me more interested if there were some pictures and graphics.

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